Soul in the true sense of the word – introducing Ife!

We love the soulful music of ‘Ife’, her smooth tones really make you ‘feel’ the music.  With influences like Angela Winbush, Stevie Wonder, The Brand New Heavies and Earth Wind and Fire and a voice that credits those amazing artists, we think this beautiful songbird will be creating a few influences of her own!  Find out more about the amazing Soul singer Ife right here on Just Celebrity!

JC: How did you get started?
Ife: I studied music theater growing up and sang in choirs.  When I got to college I started singing back up for local artists, joined a couple bands and started really writing songs. From there, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue it full-time.
JC: Do you write your own music and if so where do you get your inspiration?
Ife: Yes, I co-write the music and write all of my lyrics and melodies.  I am inspired by life…just the things I experience give me lots to draw from.  I also draw inspiration from other artists that I love like Maxwell and Sting, who impact me emotionally and move me to put pen to paper and express myself.
JC: Can we see you live?
Ife: Of course you can!  I’m starting to perform again in February.  If you visit my website: you can view my calendar of events, join the mailing list and be sent emails about what I’m doing.  I’m also on Facebook where you can join the Ife Music Group and as well.
JC: We heard your going over to the UK, how has your music been received there?
Ife: Yes I am, and I can’t wait…it’s been really great so far.  I won’t really know until I see it up close and get to interact with the people there.  But, the radio DJs tell me folks call in and comment or request my music, so that’s a good sign!
JC: We love your new video and must say your co-star is super hot, who is he?
Ife: Thank you!  That’s an actor named Jensen Atwood.  And I agree, he’s smokin’ hot…
JC: In a short time your music has been played on top stations in LA and London, do you have a manager working with you?
Ife: Yes, I have a wonderful manager named Jack Williamson with Jackal Entertainment.
JC: Where would you like to be in 5 years?
Ife: Traveling the world, running a successful entertainment company that produces amazing, creative projects, writing and releasing quality songs, performing, and helping to inspire and uplift others through my philanthropic work.
JC: Say Say Say, reminds us a little of Sade – is she one of your influences and have you heard her new music?
Ife: Yes! She’s my lady…a huge influence on me.  I hope to work with her and tour with her soon…
JC: Who’s music makes you groove?
Ife: The Brand New Heavies, Maxwell, early 80s pop music, Justin Timberlake, Jazzanova…
JC: You’re a beautiful girl, so I have to ask for our readers – are you single?
Ife: Thank you! Yes I am single, but I’m looking for a special guy..know anyone? (smile)
JC: Do you play any instruments?
Ife: Not really…I’m going to get back to piano though.  I really need to get piano down so I can be a better songwriter.
JC: Where are you from?
Ife: I’m from Seattle, Washington.
JC: If you could sing a song that was not your own, what would it be?
Ife: Wow, there are so many…probably something by Stevie Wonder or Luther Vandross or maybe some jazz.
JC: We can’t wait to hear more, do you have more music planned for the near future?
Ife: Of course! My full-length album is slated for a spring 2010 release.  Look out for it…
JC: Anything else you would like to share with Just Celebrity?
Ife: Yes, thank you so much for supporting my music!  I hope your readers like what they see and hear on my website and YouTube channel:  Also, I will be a guest on Brit Celeb Radio on Feb. 18th on LA Talk Radio, so be sure to tune in!
We will be listening live to Ife and we CAN NOT WAIT for more of her soulful grooves.  Listen to her music at!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    “Mocha Mellow” and “Love Is Where You Are” these are two favorites of Ife’s work. Keep sending out the love!

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