UK’s Beauty Danielle Isaie

Just Celebrity is excited to showcase this beautiful British actress on American soil!  In the last year alone, she has blown up the UK’s TV screen and we can’t wait to have her stateside.  Find out more about this talented young actress right here on Just Celebrity!

JC: How does it feel to have your name known?

DI: Its a wonderful feeling to finally have my name known, I have been in the industry and a working actress for many years now, but in the last few years things have really kicked off for me and for people to know my name and love what I do… feels amazing.

JC: We are sure you put lots of hard work into your career, when do you think your work started to pay off?

DI: I think it started to pay off a few years ago when I got my agent and started booking parts in well known shows. That’s when I found people started to take me seriously and the ball really started rolling.

JC: It must have been exciting to book your first job right out of drama school, how did you feel?

DI: Excited is not the word, I was absolutely elated, after being told at drama school that its not easy and people sometimes don’t get booked on anything for years I was a little pessimistic, but when I booked “The Bill” as soon as I left it made me alot more optimistic about my career and where it was heading.
JC: Where would you like to be in 5 years?

DI: In five years time I would like to be a household name, I would like to have stared in at least four or five movies. I would like to buy a five bed property outside of London and be able to travel around the world all the time.

JC: If you could play any role from a famous film, what would it be?

DI: There is no hesitation in this one, I would LOVE to play Lara Croft in Tomb Raider! When I first saw the movie all those years ago, I thought that would be my perfect role.

JC: If you were not an actress, what would you be?

DI: I would probably be a teacher, teaching acting to kids between the ages of 6 and 16.
I love teaching people new skills and I love working with kids as they are so loving and appreciative.

JC: Is acting your dream career?

DI: Acting has always been and always will be my dream career
I live and breathe it.

JC: Are we going to see you stateside soon?

DI: I should be returning to the states about twice this coming year depending on my work commitments here in London. I am working closely with my manager in the U.S and Agent to get me forth coming work out there. We will see what 2010 brings my way!

JC: What makes you happy?

DI: When I am on stage acting I am at my happiest, I also love being with my family and having get togethers occasionally with them. I love watching films at the cinema and I adore ice skating. I am also very happy when I am holidaying in hot countries learning and exploring new places, people and things….in the hot sunshine!

JC: What makes you sad?

I am sad when I am out of work for a long period of time, that really takes its toll on me, I also hate cold weather. When I see loved ones hurt and I cannot do anything to help, that makes me very sad.

JC: Do people recognise you in the street?

DI: At the moment many kids and teenagers recognise me as I have done alot of children’s T.V and my last show “OFF THE HOOK” was a programme for teenagers, so they shout to me in the streets, its quite funny.

JC: Who inspires you?

DI: Hallie Berry inspires me as she has achieved so much in her career and the longevity of her career is amazing.. I love the way she can take every character she is asked to play and make them into her own. Her work is beautiful.

JC: Who would you like to inspire?

DI: I would like to inspire young adults to know that no matter how hard something looks or how much competition there is or even how many people tell you, you cant do it… can, you can always do anything you want. If your mind can see it you can achieve it.. I want them to look at me and think, “she worked hard and now look where she has got. I can do that if I work hard”.

JC: What are you passions in life?

DI: My biggest passion is acting and I also love writing, I am going to try to write a book this year, so watch out for that one.

JC: Would you like to play on Broadway?
DI: I would love to play on Broadway, if I ever got that opportunity I would be very grateful.

JC: Who is the sexiest man you have worked with?

DI: I haven’t worked with many sexy men as I haven’t yet had that opportunity, but I think it would have to be Reggie Yates, when I played his love interest in “The Crust” although I did enjoy working with Orlando Bloom when I had a small part in Calcium Kid, one of his earlier movies back in 2004, he was quite dishy.

JC: Who would be favourite your leading man?

DI: I think my favourite leading man would have to be Shemar Moore. I love the programs he has been in and lets face it hes not just good at acting, he is fiinnnee!

JC: How do fans keep in touch with your work?

DI: You can check out what I am up to on my facebook fan page, just search Danielle Isaie, I also have a wordpress blog which is updated regularly. Alternatively you can check out my my space or log on to my website
Once and a while we meet an actress who we just know will go right to the top and we are excited to be one of the first to interview with sweet and sexy Brit.  Remember where you heard it first on Just Celebrity.

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