The World Cup Leads to World Football Daily

If you love your footie or soccer like I do then this is NOT one to be missed.  I found this great site with all the up to date news for the WORLD CUP!

The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is fast approaching and World Cup excitement is brewing, especially with the England v America game on June 12th. With many of the games being so early you might not be able to catch them all, but you can catch up to date reports, all the excitement and interviews with WORLDWIDE players, managers and top Soccer journalists. No matter which country you support from around the World, Stephen and Kenny from World Football Daily will be delivering you LIVE video and audio reports all about the World Cup.

For less than a pint of beer and a packet of crisps (chips) – you can get 1 months football withexciting 90 minute reports every single day of a world cup game and beyond for only $4.99 so go to now! A must for ALL soccer fans worldwide. World Football Daily is the only daily English language show exclusively dedicated to football anywhere in the world and is courted by players, managers, general managers and media personalities from the UK and USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Africa and South America. World Football Daily employs the very best journalists to help make the show the most thorough football experience from worldwide league matches to the World Cup.

For a taste of this wonderful show go to: WORLD FOOTBALL DAILY ITUNES

Or watch this…

I know who I will be supporting, but I will keep it to myself and just say enjoy this amazing game!


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