Critics Praise Elfar Adalsteins Sailcloth

Sailcloth, the non-dialogue short film directed by Elfar Adalsteins and starring John Hurt, has been selected to progress to the next round of the Oscar Short Film voting and rightly so, as this beautiful film has been receiving rave reviews.

Barbara Chai at the Wall Street Journal states “Though the film is short and void of dialogue, it manages to convey as much depth and poignant contrast as a full-length feature”, while Sarah Cooper at Screen Daily claims “Elfar Adalsteins’ short film Sailcloth could be sailing its way to the Oscars“. Jamie Paszkoat Filmslate Magazine says Sailcloth is “is a visually stunning, silent short that is as intriguing as the latest Hollywood blockbuster”  whilst David Parkison from Empire Magazine says that “Hurt’s silent performance is a masterclass in wistful determination and gently shifting expression with the delicacy and poignancy of Adalstein’s direction. A little gem”.

The heartfelt film written, produced and directed by Adalsteins is already award winning by taking the ‘Grand Jury Prize’ for Best Short Film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and the ‘International Cinematic Achievement Award’ at the Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival in Greece.

Sailcloth shares the poignant story of an elderly widower (Hurt) as he sets in motion a series of events to hide his disappearance from a nursing home. After gathering a few necessities he heads to the local pier where a beloved companion awaits him, ready for their last great journey.

John Hurt, one of the UK’s most legendary actors, stars in this emotional film, portraying the widower with natural charm that draws you into the heart of the story. The world-renowned actor is a two time Academy® Award Nominee and has won countless accolades during his extensive career, including three BAFTA’s and a Golden Globe.

This film deserves every accolade it get’s, it is a beautiful piece of cinema that creates long lasting memories.

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