British Actor Jason Steed Stars in Outstanding One-Man Show MOSQUITO

We love this show and can’t wait to see it live in LA in February.  Not only is this Brit talented, he is easy on the eye too!!!
Noah’s ARC (Logo/ Viacom) franchise star, Jason Steed performs a 60-minute one man Show called Mosquito. Playing him-self and no less than fifteen other characters. Steed has spent the past few months on doing a world tour in Europe and Africa, wowing audiences and critics with his powerfully energetic and funny take on making it in USA. 

MOSQUITO tells the incredible story of a young male (Steed) born and raised in the slums of South London England, who dreamed of being an actor and starring on television in America, whilst having to survive the highs & lows of being raised in a single parent household with a father in prison for drugs and prostituting women.

Steed shares “People connect with my show because it’s about the underdog. And naturally we all route and love that person, as deep down that’s who we really are.” 

Steed recently wrapped in Europe on the hard hitting acclaimed movie ‘BASHMENT’ playing the ‘homophobic bully’ and is best known in USA for playing the hilarious closest rapper named  ‘BABY GAT’.  It is noted that he is the only actor in feature film history to play both conflicting characters.

Jason realized that for ‘BASHMENT’ he had to draw off his ignorance to homosexuals. Soon realizing this turned around when he was cast in ‘NOAHS ARC’ and had to face that same ignorance and rooted fears. Audiences watching this amazing show learn we all have a choice when it comes to following our dreams and usually it’s already presented way before its revealed.

MOSQUITO will be performed in NYC, LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, North Carolina, Michigan.

“MOSQUITO is everybody’s show cause I’m telling my honest truth of how dreams are not really supposed to come true. But can if you believe”

“In MOSQUITO his determination and ambition shines through the obstacles. (Obstacles being an understatement) try maze”   -AMOR MAGAZINE
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