Legacy’s Mem Ferda explodes back onto the silver screen in Nicholas Winding Refn’s PUSHER

British actor Mem Ferda never fails to light up our screens with complex and versatile characters. From Andriy in ‘Legacy’ alongside SAG winner Idris Elba and Macha’s Goon with Ray Liotta in Guy Ritchie’s ‘Revolver’. Now he is back starring in the new edgy and explosive British remake of Nicholas Winding Refn’s feature ‘Pusher’.  In this heart racing film, Mem portrays the character of Hakan, though capable of extreme violence he is warm and friendly with aspirations of getting out of the drug game to follow his dreams of owning his own business.

The new English language remake of the Danish cult classic will hit cinema screens later this year.  Luis Prieto’s PUSHER has a cast list that showcases the best of British talent. The five main leads being Richard Coyle (W.E, Grabbers), Agyness Deyn (International Supermodel and Actress), Bronson Webb (Robin Hood, Clubbed), Mem Ferda (The Devil’s Double, Legacy), and Zlatko Buric  (Pusher trilogy).  The fast paced action film sees a London drug dealer (Richard Coyle) being pressured by a Turkish henchman (Mem Ferda) after a messed up drug deal results in him trying to avoid a payback to a menacing drug baron (Zlatko Buric) who wants his pound of flesh.

Despite some of the frightening and crazy characters Mem has portrayed in his career, his engaging blue eyes display a sparkle that shows his sweeter side.  He not only is a devoted husband, he has no less than three degrees. Yes, he does do all of his own stunts, but this actor is blessed with more brains than brawn.

Not only is Mem a fan favorite on the big screen, he is also no stranger to British Television, having played Andrei Beschastnych in ‘Heartbeat’ and Gaz in the UK’s number one soap ‘Eastenders’.

Fans will be delighted to know Mem has an abundance of exciting films lined up this year, including the British singer Plan B’s directorial debut ‘Ill Manors’ which hits screens in May 2012.

Follow him on twitter: @memferda1

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  1. OMG , Sooooooo looking forward to seeing the new Pusher remake.
    The original was fab, i hope this will match up to it.
    Agyness Deyn beautiful model but can she act? Hope she’s as good an actress as she is a model !
    Richard Coyle i’m a fan of since Couplings, always will be.
    Saw the actor Mem Ferda on dvd in The Devil’s Double last month and he was extremely good, so look forward to seeing him in Pusher.
    When is the trailer for pusher coming out ! i hope its soon!

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