Handsome, British and Psychic – Syd Saeed

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 11.23.38 PMFrom the moment you meet Syd Saeed he stands out, not just for his striking looks, attentive nature and his warm personality – but he has a certain sparkle in his eye.  When I met him, I didn’t know he was a psychic – but now it all makes sense.  But not only is he gifted, he cares about people and is amazingly accurate.    Syd left the shores of the UK to set up life in sunny Hollywood and it seems he is causing quite a stir!  Callers skype him from all over the world to hear his wisdom and we at Just Celebrity can see why.

 Not only is he gifted, he cares about people and is amazingly accurate.  

I have personally always been fascinated with the mind of those gifted with psychic abilities, yet there are so many that are really really bad.  But sometimes, once in a blue moon you come across someone who is very very good and that can be said of Syd.  Not only does he put you at ease, he can easily surprise you with real facts that only you know.  Things you may not have ever even told someone else.  It is then that you realise this man has something special, a true gift and one that he loves to share.

 This man has something special, a true gift and one that he loves to share. 

Postive people are really hard to come by, less often than you think.  Syd oozes positivity and there is not one ounce of fake in him.  It is refreshing to speak to someone who really loves their job and loves every moment that they live, knowing that life itself is a special gift.  If you ever feel down, just read Syd’s words and they will drop sparkles all over your life!

“Above all a reading should be a positive, enlightening,uplifting experience whilst enabling you to move forward in life with some form of clarity.” Syd Saeed

Syd is listed in the Best Psychic Directory and he literally has pages of positive testimonies.  Read them for yourself here.  In fact he is one of the top 20 spiritual advisors in the world, that is something we are not surprised about.

No this is not our usual post, but sometimes we come across someone or something so good we had to share!

To find out more visit his website or email him:


We would love to know your feedback too!

Check back too as we are excited to be able to interview Syd and find out more about this amazing man!

Just Celebrity 😉


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