Review of BeActive’s British feature Beat Girl

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“Beat girl”, a coming of age story of a young girl as she is torn between her late mother’s dreams of her getting a place in the prestigious Julliard performing arts School and becoming a world class pianist and the pulsating world of Electronic dance music. Pursuing the dream she has always loved, she gets carried away by the enticing underground world of DJ-ing and eventually finds herself torn between two worlds of music.

Heather is forced to chose between what she has always known and the new world of excitement she so desires. “Beat Girl” follows Heather’s journey through music. The crossroads she finds herself at, the paths she chooses and the discoveries these new paths lead to.

Beat Girl is a low budget, independent film, but nonetheless a film that contains great acting and a heartwarming story line. The film takes us on an inspiring journey and shows us how Heather (played by Louise Dylan) finds herself wanting to pursue new goals, but tries to cling on to what she believes her mother would want from her. The plot also contains some romance-no good film should be without a bit of romance-with Heather falling for DJ, Toby. The ex-law graduate (played by Craig Daniel Adams) helps Heather pursue this new path of excitement she is not familiar with, but gets her into trouble in the mean time. A little bit like a modern Romeo and Juliet-two people from different worlds (in this case musical worlds) that don’t mix-just without the tragedy at the end!

Beat Girl is a film about Music and thus takes us on a Musical journey with a variety of tracks from different genres played throughout the film. The music enhances the film, as it coincides with the scenes, portraying the thoughts and emotions of the characters through either the lyrics or the melody. The soundtrack in Beat Girl is strong and definitely modern, with a mixture of catchy Club, dance and electronic music that gets you in a party mood!

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Overall the acting was good, with two actors particularly standing out for me; Michael Higgs who plays Heather’s Dad, Tom and Percelle Ascott (photo above) who plays Heather’s younger brother, Mike. Both actors perform well, conveying natural and truthful emotions, throughout the film. They help with the momentum of the scenes they are part of and give a truthful interpretation of the type of characters they play.

“A good film that unfolds nicely, with fab music and a moving story line, great for the whole family to watch.” Just Celebrity

The film is due in UK cinemas on 10th May and on Hulu (USA) on 29th May.


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