Just Celebrity Magazine Exclusive: Serena Lorien

1a65a38d9c9f6ba918932cb07a1a88e9Serena Lorien is making her mark in Hollywood.  Not only has she many films under her belt in Tinsel Town, she has been listed in magazines alongside the king of Film Steven Spielberg.  It has just been announced this beautiful and talented British actress will be playing Nina in the new feature ‘Welcome to Purgatory’, so naturally we could not wait to interview her!  Serena shares her favourite career moment, who she would most like to work with, what attracted her to the role and what she is up to next!

Welcome to Purgatory, directed by Gene Fallaize, follows three fresh-to-the-afterlife arrivals – Willis, Danni and Taylor – as they navigate through this original vision of the hereafter, helped along the way by faithful Guardian Paul and long-standing survivor Nina (Serena Lorien). They find the afterlife in shambles amidst an escalating war between good and evil. All the usual rules and guidelines of the afterlife have been shattered.  The arrivals soon learn that both pain and pleasure can be experienced, and while death may not be final, it leads directly to the Seventh Circle of Hell. Once trapped in Lucifer’s very own domain, they must find a way to set things right again… before Heaven is ruined forever.

Nina is a long-standing survivor of the afterlife who has managed to last through her strength and intellect, she hesitantly befriends the three new arrivals, taking them under her wing to help them come to terms with their plight as well as teach them about the creatures they may encounter along their journey.

So you are in the new motion picture ‘Welcome to Purgatory’.

Yes I am, I love the new and different concept in this film, it’s well-written, full of interesting characters and is going to be a lot of fun to shoot.

Congratulations on getting the part of Nina. Tell us about her character. What challenges do you face with playing this type of character?

Thank you! Nina is a long-standing survivor of hell, ‘Welcome to Purgatory’ is the first film in a Trilogy and the director, Gene Fallaize is keeping us in the dark as to where our characters are headed and the explanation of why Nina found herself in hell in the first place, so making a strong background choice that led to her consequent circumstances and tie in with her overall characteristics is an exciting challenge in itself.serena-lorien-premiere-the-vow-01

Putting aside some obvious differences between you and your character Nina, do you think you have any similarities?

I definitely think Nina and I have similarities, she is a strong character who has seen and experienced things that may have crumbled others, but have made her more able and determined, she’s intelligent, persistent and tough, but still forgiving and caring and she enjoys witty banter when the opportunity arises which I am a little partial to myself.

“forgiving and caring and she enjoys witty banter when the opportunity arises which I am a little partial to myself.”

What attracted you to be a part of the film?

I am always looking for scripts that offer a different concept, an interesting story-line or world that hasn’t been created a thousand times over and I definitely gravitate toward intelligent, strong female characters that despite maybe being damaged can hold their own, so ‘Welcome to Purgatory’ matched these criteria perfectly.

“I definitely gravitate toward intelligent, strong female characters”.

When can we watch this action fantasy film?

It is set for a 2014 release.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in acting?

I turned to my mother at the age of three and told her I wanted to be an actress and I did my first advert at the age of six, so I always knew this was what I wanted to be doing in life. I was raised in a family of artists (musicians/ singers), so I am lucky to have grown up having their support in pursuing acting as a career.

Some of your other credits include ‘Garbage’, ‘Dreamz’ and ‘Poe’. What has been your most memorable moment in your acting career so far?

One is too hard to choose… I was recently invited to the Cannes Film Festival for promotional interviews for ‘Welcome to Purgatory’ and found myself sharing the first page of one of the trade magazines being circulated all over the festival with Mr. Steven Spielberg which was fun and memorable. Aside from that I have been lucky to shoot in different places and shooting in India with the challenge of the language barrier, the heat and actors from multiple countries all made that a very memorable experience. Also seeing myself on screen at the Chinese Theater the first time will always be something I’ll remember.


Do you have any idea what you plan on doing after ‘Welcome to Purgatory’?

We will be busy promoting the film and gearing up for ‘Welcome to Purgatory II: The Journey to Hell’.

In 3 words how would you describe the acting industry?

Diverse, fun, challenging.

If you could choose one actor you would really like to work with, who would it be?

Anthony Hopkins in a second, he has been one of my favourite actors for a long time, he plays such varied and interesting characters and has starred in some of my favourite films, Legends of the Fall and Meet Joe Black to name a couple.

“Anthony Hopkins in a second, he has been one of my favourite actors for a long time.”

We can’t wait to see Serena in this exciting film!

You can follow Serena on Twitter and Facebook

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