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Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 2.10.41 PMJust Celebrity Magazine are pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with Amar, Akbar and Tony star Martin Delaney.  This young British actor is not only easy on the eye, but he has a wealth of credits that most actors only dream of.  He received a British Soap Award for his role in Family Affairs, has starred in many UK TV shows and two Oscar nominated films!  Martin shares how he is a bit cooler than his character Tony, how he loved riding horses as a Prince in Robin Hood, what it was like to win a British Soap Award and who he would most like to work with.

Set in present-day London, Amar, Akbar and Tony follows the lives of three childhood friends Amar (Rez Kempton), Akbar (Sam Vincenti) and Tony (Martin Delaney), as they stumble through life from their carefree twenties into adulthood.  The film tracks the friends over a decade and follows their every move. The characters face sudden and unforeseen changes to their idealistic and trouble-free young lives.  With hilarious and sometimes tragic consequences, the brotherly bond shared by the trio is called into question and we witness the highs and lows as they attempt to come to terms with their adult lives.  Amar, Akbar and Tony is directed by Atul Malhotra and produced Sash Media Productions & AAT Films.

Martin stars as Tony the Irish ‘honorary Asian’ who is obsessed with Asian women, but isn’t always lucky in love.  Will he succeed in getting the girl of his dreams?  All will be revealed when the film is released later this year.

Congratulations on getting the role of Tony in the new British comedy ‘Amar, Akbar and Tony’. Tell us a bit about you character?

Thank you! Well Tony is of Irish family, though a Londoner. He’s grown up with the other boys in Southall and is obsessed with Indian women. He’s kind of on a desperate quest to find ‘the one’. Which of course makes him both loveable but rather pathetic at times. I think he’s a good guy, although may come across as a bit of a sex pest! Ha.

What challenges have you faced filming this comedy?

In terms of challenges, I guess there are number of them. The schedule has been tough, meaning we’ve been working very long hours and some night shoots. Thankfully, everyone gets on really well and so there’s a fun atmosphere at work, that really helps. I’m largely responsible for comedy moments in the feature, so it can be tough to know where to pitch that, thankfully we have an awesome Director Atul Malhotra and I really trust him. The challenge is to still make Tony funny yet believable and he also has some sensitive moments. So there is a balance that needs to be reached.


Do you share any similarities with your character, Tony?

Haha, I like to think I’m a bit cooler than Tony! I may be wrong. Obviously it’s my interpretation of the character, so I bring to it what I think is suitable and it’s part of me. Tony lacks a bit if tact though too, I hope I have more charm with the opposite sex. I myself am from an Irish family & the boys have become like best pals, so there’s some art imitating life.

“Haha, I like to think I’m a bit cooler than Tony! I may be wrong.”

What attracted you to the film?

What attracted me to the project, was the script and role. I was fond of the story and loved the fact that this was a celebration of West London life. I thought playing Tony would be fun and I felt I could bring something interesting to the role. Then I met Atul and I was convinced.

If you were to sum up the film in 3 words, what would they be?

The three words I would use to describe it, would be: Funny, Emotional, British.

Do you have any funny or interesting stories from when filming on set?

The whole project has been a good chuckle. Coming in every day has been so much fun. I think the guys enjoyed mocking me having my hair dyed. I’ve had to go slightly more blonde for the role. Wearing a giant condom with holes in, on your head during rehearsals isn’t the best look you could have! Without giving too much away, I think the audience may enjoy a little bit of dancing that happens in one scene.
“Wearing a giant condom with holes in, on your head during rehearsals isn’t the best look you could have!” 

You have some really fantastic credits, both on the big and little screens. You played Paul Webb in the hugely popular show ‘Family Affairs’, you also played in ‘Two Pints of Larger,’ ‘Rock and Chips’, ‘, ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Beowulf & Grendel’ and ‘Flags of our Fathers’. In your career so far, what has been your favourite role to play and why?

Well it’s always fun playing American roles in film (Flags of Our Fathers, Stormhouse, Zero Dark Thirty). I’ve been lucky to do that a few times in movies and it’s meant I’ve worked with awesome directors like Clint Eastwood and Kathryn Bigelow. However there’s the child in me that loves dressing up and doing all the swordy stuff too. I enjoy riding horses, so playing the Prince of Ireland in Robin Hood, or one of Beowulf’s men in a Viking epic, is always good fun- it’s like boyhood dream stuff, you know? I’ve really enjoyed playing Tony too. He’s nowhere near as cool as other roles I’ve played but he’s a good human and that’s always an honour to play.

“I’ve worked with awesome directors like Clint Eastwood and Kathryn Bigelow.” 


Which do you prefer, TV or film work?

They’re both great! I love working with a camera. Don’t get me wrong stage is a lot of fun but I’m a big screen fan. Movies are really what got me into this job- my love for them. So I would have to say film. The roles usually make a difference to your feelings about it. It’s maybe not as clear cut as TV or Film.
You were also nominated for Best Newcomer and Best Actor in the British soap awards for your fantastic portrayal as Paul Webb in ‘Family affairs’. What was it like being nominated for these awards?
Well it was incredibly flattering of course. The idea that people think something enough to back you like that is very nice. Plus I have a lot of respect for those actors. The sheer speed and volume they produce is unbelievable.

You have also worked along side many British greats, such as Paul Scofield, Gerard Butler and Malcolm McDowell. What was it like, working with great actors such as these?

I absolutely loved working with Paul Scofield. I did my first film with him, he was a true gentleman & a hero of mine. He & my father wrote to each other for years afterwards, right up until Paul passed away and he was always very supportive of my career. Malcolm MacDowell was also charming in fun, boisterous way! Gerard Butler and I worked together more recently and he is a top bloke. I really enjoy his company. We had some fun this year at some of the Oscar parties.
“Gerard Butler & I worked together more recently and he is a top bloke.” 

If you had to choose one actor you would love to work with, whom would it be and why?

At the moment I’d really love to work with Gary Oldman. I met him briefly this year too at a pre-Oscar party and he’s a lovely guy. I’ve always admired him. He has a beautiful protean style of acting that is still remarkably subtle at times. I love his style of performing. There are just so many of his movies where he is absolutely first class in them. There’s a lot to said for someone who makes the volume of work he does & is consistently great.
Do you have any future plans lined up for your acting career?
Well at the moment there’s still some focus on this. We have some pick-ups to shoot very soon. I have a movie Judas Ghost coming out this year that I play the lead in & there’s a project I’ve been attached to for a while, that we’re trying to get moving on. So thankfully it’s a pretty busy time.
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