Film Selection announced for the TriForce Film Festival

Actors Jimmy Akingbola and Fraser Ayres’ TriForce Short Film Festival’s main objective is to present quality short films as well as support, recognise and honour filmmakers creating films under 20 minutes. This popular Festival is taking place 8th December 2013, at the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in London, where the shortlisted films will be shown to an audience and an invited panel of judges.


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The Confirmed Judges:

Satwant Gill

(Director of the London Indian Film Festival)

Emma Thomas

(Producer and Script Editor – on the board of Women in Film and TV)

Mo Ali


Tessa Inkelaar

(Film London)

Ian Barnes



The Selected Films:

The Referee – Directed by Paolo Zucca

An Italian referee is demoted and exiled to the remote island of Sardinia. In the hellish mayhem of a lowest division football match, the destinies of two thieves cross path.

Cast: Luca Pusceddu, Gilberto Idonea, Franco Fais, Enrico Sassu, Teresa Matta


Lost and Found – Directed by Sam Washington

A young woman looses her car late one night in a creepy multi-story car park and ends up finding way more than she bargained for…

Cast: Lisa Cawthorne and James Merry


Dream Date – Directed by Diana Juhr DeBenedetti and Andromeda Godfrey

Two women, Caroline and Alison, meet in the bar of a hotel one evening and make their way to a room. Clothes are torn off and the women make their way to the bed. A dream date. 

Cast: Gabby Wong, Andromeda Godfrey, Janet Buxton, David Yu


Sunny Boy – Directed by Jane Gull

Danny lives in a world of darkness due to his rare skin condition. He dreams of being a regular young man playing football outside with friends.

Cast: Darren Kent, Lewis Nicolas, Tara Hodge.


Checkpost – Directed by Aneel Ahmad

Three lives that will never be the same again. Three lives wounded by one bullet. On a remote highway in Pakistan, the sandy roadside reverberates with the sound of a sudden gunshot. From the moment the golden shell tore into British documentary filmmaker Shahid Elahi, a chain of International events were initiated.

Cast: Mohammad Haroon, Manjinder Virk


Frayed – Directed by Georgia Oakley

Freya, a young woman fleeing the scene of an unknown accident boards a bus, desperate to get home, but cannot keep her demons at bay. She tries to escape to the peaceful serenity of her safe place, but increasing disturbances on the bus trigger a violent reaction. Plagued by imaginary terrors she struggles to keep a grip on reality as her anxiety spirals out of control.

Cast: Ayesha Antoine, Divian Ladwa , Michael Salami, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Maestro, Roshann Gayle AKA Trozion, Charles Thomas, Seroca Davis, Rachel Anderson, Cliff Chapman, Jacqueline Boatswain, Gavin Brown, Layan, Nourouz, Alex Mallinson, Sabrina Ferguson, Marvin Hunter


Life’s A Bitch – Directed by David Bispham

Bradley Mullins. Loner. Invisible. Disillusioned. Following numerous, failed, suicide attempts, he hires a Hitman to finish the job. Celebrating his final night on Earth, Bradley hits a bar, where he meets the beautiful Monica. For once in his life, Bradley feels something… He feels alive.

Hours pass and copious amounts of alcohol later, the pair agree to meet the following night. Problem is, Bradley has a prior engagement… with the Hitman!

 Cast: Rob Ostlere, Lauren Drummond


Hoorah – Directed by Aml Ameen

A discharged military veteran arrives home to discovers his wife and best friend murdered.

Panicked and surprised, he alerts the police, and begins to investigate the scene for clues. Travis discovers a semi-automatic handgun sitting directly across from the lifeless bodies.  The horrific events that took place begin to unfold.

Ambition To Live – Directed  by Fraser Ayres

As up and coming boxer NATHAN DAVIS journeys home from work he falls victim to a tragic car accident, as he is knocked down by a negligent driver. Nathan lays unconscious as he fights for his life, but his mind is very much still active. He mentally enters a battle with his sub-conscience as his will does not allow him to give up on himself. After the several attempts of saving Nathan, the Paramedics have given up, but Nathan refuses to let go.

Cast: Jordan Pitt, Rebecca Ferdinando, Allyson Ava Brown, Marcus Luther, John Pickard, Segun Akingbola, Sam Benjamin


DATE: 8th December, 6-11pm

LOCATION:  BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly London W1J 9LN



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