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Paneer cooked by myself and the guidance of Celebrity Chef Dipna Anand

Indian cooking has always been a bit of mystery to me and even when I have cooked it, the dishes were never quite right.  That is not to say either that I am a bad cook, as my food has been complemented on many occasions.  Needless to say when I heard that celebrity award winning chef Dipna Anand held Indian cookery classes, I couldn’t book one fast enough.  I booked the Curry Crazy course, which included Boombay Alu, Chilli Paneer, Keema Peas and Mushtoom Pilau Rice.

At the beginning of the class Dipna took the time to go through all the beautiful spices laid out for us, as well as clarify what everything meant.  For example Masala is a blend of spices and Masala Sauce is spices blended with gravy.  Right from the beginning we had excellent help…

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