EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Celebrity aesthetics practitioner Dr. Vincent Wong

Cosmetic expert Dr. Vincent Wong may be one of the younger doctors in his field, but he is already sought after for his opinions and has been featured on numerous Television shows and national magazines.  Celebrity gossip often centers on what treatments they may or may not have had and Dr. Wong is fast becoming the go to for the media to uncover celebrity secrets.   As well as being medical aesthetics practitioner, he often shares how you can avoid going under the knife but still create the improvements that so many long for.

Sought after for his expert opinion, Dr. Wong has featured in popular press and on television channels, including Fox TV, Levant TV, Fashion TV and Discovery Channel. In 2013, Dr. Wong became the key opinion leader for Slendertone Face.  A pioneer in his field, Dr. Wong was one of the first doctors to use Iovera or ‘Frotox’, the original toxin-free, anti-wrinkle treatment and alternative to ‘Botox’.

 We got to have a chat with this rather interesting medical aesthetics practitioner!


You have achieved so much at a young age, what inspired you to become a Doctor?

Thank you for the kind words! Since I was a kid, I have always been attracted to the humanitarian aspect of being a doctor. I was told at a young age that I have good hand-eye coordination and my enthusiasm for Medicine has led me to follow this path. I really enjoy communicating and working with people and I love the challenge of diagnosis. I remember telling my mum when I was eight that I wanted to become a doctor. With her constant support and encouragement, I managed to pursue this dream and make it a reality.

 Have you always wanted to work in this field?

I used to suffer from bad acne in my late teens and early twenties. It really bothered me in medical school and I tried all sorts of medications and topical products but to no avail. I then started to look into private services and found out about the aesthetics industry. My transformation was phenomenal – this experience has led me to forge a career in aesthetics. I understand how appearance can affect self-esteem and self-confidence. As I’m a very artistic person, this field is ideal for me as it allows me to combine my artistic skills with my medical knowledge. With my experience as a patient, I can relate to my patients when it comes to discussing their appearance.

Can you share with us some of the newest beauty treatments?

There have been some amazing innovations in the field over the last few years. We are now able to treat forehead wrinkles without the use of toxins. I was one of the first doctors in the world to perform this treatment, using a handheld device named Iovera. This treatment, often dubbed as ‘Frotox’, uses the nerve’s natural response to cold to temporarily relax facial muscles that cause wrinkles. It is still a needle procedure, but nothing is actually injected into the patient.

I also do a lot of work with models, beauty queens and celebrities, especially before red carpet events. I have recently created a treatment called DrVW Red Carpet Facial, which combines radiofrequency with a unique mild skin peel. This treatment gives you immediate natural glow and tightening of the face from inside and out.

There have been some amazing innovations in the field over the last few years.

What is the strangest request you have ever had?

I once had a client asking me if I could find and enhance her G-spot with dermal fillers!

How did you get started in this field?

After graduating from medical school, I worked for the NHS for a few years. During this period, I undertook specialised aesthetics training and eventually made my first step into the field.

Are you able to fix cosmetic disasters and can you give some examples of those you have?

Yes, I am able to, and every now and then, I do get requests to fix some cosmetic disasters. Once, I had to see a patient who had lip fillers injected by another practitioner. She developed a purplish rash across her cheeks the same evening, and by the time I saw her, it has spread to her forehead. It turned out that her blood circulation was compromised by the dermal filler injection. Luckily, I was able to dissolve the filler and there was no tissue death.

 I do get requests to fix some cosmetic disasters


Have you ever been asked to do extreme work?

Yes, I have been asked to do extreme work, usually with lips and cheeks enhancements. Very often, I’ve had to refuse to go through with the request, especially if the patient would end up looking ‘overdone’ after the procedure. I do believe that aesthetics treatments can be ‘addictive’ and it is only ethical to help patients realise this. Unfortunately, this industry is so lucrative that someone, somewhere, would go ahead with extreme work for the money offered.

What do you think are some good maintenance treatments for looking good?

There are two main aspects of ageing – skin changes and structural changes. So, it really depends on age, skin quality and what they are looking to achieve. For of skin quality, I would recommend mild skin peel as a maintenance treatment.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the artistic aspect of my job and I also love the satisfaction I get from it. Most treatments can deliver significant changes to the patient, both visually and emotionally. My job can be quite stressful, but every time I get a positive feedback from my patients or a smile at the end of their treatment with me, I always say to myself “It’s all worth it”.

 I do believe that aesthetics treatments can be ‘addictive’ and it is only ethical to help patients realise this.

 How do people find you?

Most of my clients were recommended by their friends and family. Some got in touch after seeing my work on TV or magazines.

Please share your twitter, website, and how people can book you for treatments.

My website is www.drvincentwong.com, and you’ll be able to find out more about my work, including contact details to make a booking. Alternatively, you can also call my clinic directly on 0207 299 0380.

I’m also on Twitter, @DrVWong, and Facebook, DrV-Wong.


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