EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with International Artist Gio

Australian musician Gio (former stage name Gian) already has many accolades to his name, including Best Artist at the ABC Music Awards, Best male Vocalist (ABC Music awards), Broadcasters Choice (ABC Music Awards), APRA Songwriter of the Year, and Best Instrumental Artist In Australia at the MusicOz Awards.  Now he is set to grace British soil with his brand new track Computer Games.

Gio’s unique mixture of soul fuelled pop vocals streaked with virtuosic Spanish influenced guitar playing is what has made him stand out and given him the chance to share the stage with legendary artists Sheila E, Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Paul Pederson (Prince, The Corrs, George Benson), Ricky Pederson (John Mayer, George Benson), blues legend Eric Bibb, recently with Academy Award winner Russell Crowe and Australian music legend Marcia Hines in their latest music video Remedy.

Gio’s distinctive sound and style is now being introduced to the UK music scene having recently secured a major recording and publishing deal with FAME Music. This will commence with the infectious hit single ‘Computer Games’, produced by music producer Tom Misner, which will be released in late 2014.

We got the chance to catch up with this talented Musician.


  When did you decide you wanted to pursue a career in Music?

I knew I wanted to do music when I saw my first MJ film clip. The first time I played a gig at 13 years old I thought this would be amazing if I got paid to do this.

What was your motivation behind becoming an artist?

I just wanted to make music and have a purpose in making my music. I really don’t care about the fame or fortune at all and really just want to create music I love and that people can enjoy. I wrote a song when I knew only 3 chords and that’s when I knew used music as a platform to communicate. I have studied my craft for a long time now and simply put music makes me happy.

Who are your musical influences?

Michael Jackson, Prince, Gipsy Kings, Paco de Lucia and Van Hunt more recently.

Simply put music makes me happy

You have received some well respected awards for your work, such as Best Artist at the ABC Music Awards, Best male Vocalist (ABC Musicawards), Broadcasters Choice (ABCMusic Awards), APRA Songwriter ofthe Year, and BestInstrumental Artist In Australia at the MusicOz Awards, what would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

The awards are a nice affirmation of my hard work but I think the highlight is just having a job I love. My career highlight would be meeting all other musicians I get to create and play with.

Who is the number one singer, songwriter or producer you would like to collaborate with in the future?

That is a hard one, Pharell Williams would be amazing but I’ve loved Babyface forever also. I’d love to write with Andre 3000 and have Quincy Jones produce my music. This would be a dream come true.

We love your unique style and song Computer Games, what was your inspiration behind the song?

This song was a Huge hit in Australia and thought it would be fun to do a remake of this. Everyone That heard computer games thought it was such a fun track. I thought it would be a good introduction to the European audience.

I think the highlight is just having a job I love

The song has a very interesting sound, how did you create this sound?

It’s a melting pot of many different sounds and styles and if I ever cover anything I have to make it mine first. I used the original keyboard hook to inspire a new top line melody and I think it worked really well.

In 3 words how would you describe the music industry?

Exciting – Challenging – Evolving

What advice would you give to youths who have a desire to get into the music industry?

If you can’t do anything but think, eat and breathe music than don’t do it. Music is so hard to make a career out of and the only way to become successful at it is to work really hard towards your goal and have focus. I think being great at your craft is the most important thing and then everything that follows will be a bi- product of the hard work.

What can we expect off you in the near future?

I am recording at Abbey Road studios and am looking to play festivals and introduce Europe to my music.

Music is so hard to make a career out of. 


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