Found-footage Dinosaur Movie ‘Extinction’ gets Distribution Deal

Award-Winning film producer Ben Loyd Holmes The Hike, Art Of Darkness has announced his latest production, the ambitious, found-footage Dinosaur movie Extinction, will be distributed by High Fliers.

Extinction stars Ben Loyd Holmes Skyfall, Da Vinci’s Demons alongside Sarah Mac Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Neil Newbon Hollyoaks, Daniel Caren Pulling, Ernesto Cantu World War Z, Ross O’Hennessy Da Vinci’s Demons, Simon Burbage Pulp: The Movie, Dolores Reynals A Very European Break-Up and Emma Lillie-Lees.   This exciting film is directed by Adam J Spinks.


Deep in the Amazon jungle, a research team led by a respected Professor embark on an expedition to protect vulnerable and endangered species… but when their superstitious guides abandon them, the team, desperate to complete their study, begin to realise there is more to the jungle than they could have ever imagined.

Hollywood Vision Films has a history of producing successful feature films including The Hike (2011) and Art Of Darkness (2013), the latter a winner at the London Horror Film Festival in 2012, taking home the awards for Best Feature Film, Best Producer and Best Music. Both films are available worldwide.

Watch the “Extinction” trailer:

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