EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Scottish Actress Carina Birrell

Carina_5331cRRccWe were lucky enough to interview Scottish Actress Carina Birrell last week where she discussed her upcoming projects, filming in her home country and every girls favourite- chocolate…

Just Celebrity: Hi Carina. Can you tell us about your new film Wandering Rose?

Carina Birrell: Wandering Rose is a psychological thriller about a young couple who retreat to the Scottish highlands to rekindle their relationship on their anniversary. Rose is in the early stages of pregnancy and her boyfriend Theo is hoping for a romantic weekend together before the baby comes along, Rose rejects him constantly whilst becoming extremely guarded. She is withholding dark secrets from him – and the tension builds upon their relationship.  As she becomes increasingly traumatized by her secrets, the weekend becomes a living nightmare.  The film explores some complex issues around the mental and emotional darkness of a young woman on the brink of losing her mind.

JC: How special is it to you, having filmed on location in your home country of Scotland?

CB: It was amazing to have the opportunity to get up into the Scottish Cairngorms to film, amongst a beautiful area which I visited lots as a child.  It is not often I get to film up in Scotland, yet alone such a beautiful part of the country.  It was very special, particularly as it was a couple of the crew member’s first time seeing Scotland. We all shared a large lodge near Loch Morlich for the duration of the shoot, which meant we could head out to explore the local area with each other during any free time outside of filming. The only down side of course to this part of the country in late Summer/Autmumn is the infestation of thousands of ‘midges’ determined to eat you alive (or constantly land on the lens of the camera!)

JC: You play Rose, a complex character harbouring a dark secret from the past; can you describe her in only 3 words?

CB: Vulnerable / Anxious / Audacious

JC: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

CB: Upbeat / Active / Curious

JC: If you could work with one director for the rest of your career who would it be?

CB: David Fincher or Lone Scherfig

JC: What is it about their films that interest you?

CB: The questions they present – social and political, the complexity of the characters they create, and the intensity in the way that they work with their actors.

JC: What has been your most favourite role to play in your acting career?

CB: Rose was definitely the most exciting and complex character I have played, and I would say my favourite. However, I also once played a 9 year old boy in a theatre production of ‘The Magic Toyshop’ which was an amazing challenge and an incredible experience to explore a role so far in every possible way from myself!

JC: A lot of actors branch out in to directing, writing and producing does that appeal to you?

CB: I have dipped my toes into producing and it certainly interests me, (so long as i’m not acting on the project at the same time). I think there needs to be some solid differentiation in the responsibilities of each person’s role in order to give the focus required to work effectively as a team.  Producing is hard work, and I definitely appreciate the immensity of what goes into everyone’s groundwork before filming even begins.  It is really helpful, as an actor, to develop a better understanding of how everything comes together, instead of just coming on board at the eleventh hour with no idea how the production got to whatever stage it’s at.

JC: Can you tell us a weird and wonderful fact about yourself?

CB: I set up my own chocolate company, making bespoke Raw Chocolate for festivals, events and gifts. I loved it and it went very well. I would love to open a beautiful Chocolaterie sometime in the future.

JC: What’s coming up next for you?

CB: I am in Los Angeles November /December having some meetings about a couple of projects over here, and I hope to be able to work in L.A in 2015, as well as continue working on any exciting projects that arise in the U.K.  Wandering Rose introduced me to a genre that excites me a lot, and I would love to work on another project with Corrie (director) again in the future too. I am also exploring a little bit of comedy writing with some friends.

JC: Thanks for chatting with us today, Carina!


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