A giraffe photo bombs the premiere of Going Bongo

Going Bongo premiered on the weekend in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where the majority of this heart felt film was shot. To the surprise of the guests, a giraffe appeared behind the red carpet at the premiere, whilst happily tucking into some leaves.  Going Bongo promises to be just as exciting as the premiere debuting African rising actor Ernest Napoleon. The film also stars Emanuela Galliussi (The Goodbye Kiss), Ashley Olds (ABC Family’s Greek) and Gabriel Jarret (21 Jump Street).

Going Bongo Giraffe

Going Bongo follows Dr. Burger, who lands a job at the prestigious Beverly Hills Medical Centre in Los Angeles, and is eager to impress his new boss. So eager that after attending a Gala arranged by his superiors he ‘accidentally’ volunteers to go work in Africa for a month. Leaving his fiancé behind, Dr. Berger heads to Tanzania to work at an under resourced hospital and follow through with his promise.

This beautiful film was shot in Tanzania, Africa and Los Angeles and was recently showcased at the Phoenix Film Festival last March, where it was the most talked about film by the audience. Going Bongo is about to be released into UK cinemas in summer 2015.

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