REVIEW: Hilarious and relatable: web series ‘Happy Now’

We had a chance to watch and review two episodes of the brand new series by Gavin O’Grady and Natasha Bardusco, all about modern love and relationships…


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Happy Now is a UK comedy web series about relationships and the relatable struggles they go through in their daily lives. Each episode is written by a different writer and features a different couple dealing with an awkward predicament such as meeting the parents, getting engaged, and even erectile dysfunction. The story lines are unique and hysterical and will leave you laughing at the end of each episode.

The episode “Long Weekend” features a couple named Bella (Bella Younger) and Tom (Luke McQueen) who are in their mid-thirties and are taking a road trip out of town for the weekend. Bella, anticipating that Tom is going to propose, eagerly prepares by getting a manicure and a spray tan for the pictures she plans on posting to every social media outlet. However, her eagerly anticipated romantic weekend turns out to be somewhat different than imagined…

With two talented comedians in the lead roles, it’s a serious challenge not to laugh at the antics of Bella and Tom. Bella Younger is a rising star thanks to her inspired ‘Deliciously Stella’ Instagram account, and Luck McQueen is known for his formidable stand up routines. Both appear to also have impressive acting skills, completely convincing as the couple.

Right off the bat, ‘Long Weekend’ does a great job in creating two characters that are easily recognisable in the lives of many, and even funnier for it. Bella’s insistence of starting the trip with a posed photo for social media, accompanied with the description “romantic weekend away with bae”, is most definitely something we’ve all seen (countless times) on our Facebook feeds.

As Bella becomes more and more frustrated as she waits for her dream proposal, you can’t help but become increasingly involved in the hilarious tale, not to mention feel sorry for the oblivious Tom, who seems to be under the impression that nobody could ask for more than his “brilliant” luxury yurt.

Some of the biggest laughs were the well-timed, overly dramatic title cards documenting each day of their long weekend, straight out of The Shining.

In fact, throughout the entire episode, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud at the awkward and hilarious situations – many of which, again, are in no way unrealistic. Younger, who wrote the episode as well as starred in it, does a great job of portraying the marriage-crazed girlfriend desperately wanting an engagement. McQueen also kept me entertained with his performance of the typical boyfriend who is oblivious to the expectations of his girlfriend. With a storyline that many couples can relate to, it’s a big thumbs up from us.

The episode “Techno Cock” is about a man who is having problems with erectile dysfunction – an issue his wife doesn’t seem to feel too sorry about. Andrew (Will Hartley) seems to have tried everything – push-ups, sit-ups, rollerblading and even a bath with “invigorating oils”, only for all to prove disappointing. His wife, on the other hand, seems more concerned about getting their new conservatory built by a rather good-looking builder. When Andrew’s insecurity gets the better of him, and he decides he wants to use their funds for a penis pump instead of the conservatory, it looks like his erectile dysfunction is set to drive a bigger wedge between the couple than expected.

“Techno Cock” has a hilarious, original storyline that a number of men and women can easily relate to. Hartley does a great job of playing the poor guy who can’t keep it up with his annoying dedication to fix his problem. As his obsession drives him to more outrageous plans, as a viewer, you’re left both laughing and cringing, but one thing you’ll be unable to do is stop watching. Like “Long Weekend”, the storyline presented two very regular characters, parents to a child, which were instantly recognisable, as were the situations – including the dream of building a conservatory! Just as enjoyable as the last episode, it kept us wanting more.

Happy Now’s biggest strength is the great writing and hugely relatable storylines. The short episodes manage to entertain with witty dialogue and three-dimensional characters, and do a perfect job of capturing love and relationships in this day and age. So if you’re looking for a real laugh, we absolutely insist you check this series out. It’s not to be missed!

Lauren Henneke


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