EXCLUSIVE – John Galea’s Brand New Single ‘When you truly love someone’

After overcoming recent adversities, Gemma Oaten famed for her role as Rachel Breckle on Emmerdale, has suffered a major setback by getting dumped at the alter by a mystery man this month.

The small ceremony took place in a charming, antiquated church, and was part of a music video for the upcoming artist, John Galea’s new single ‘When you truly love someone’.

The music video sees Gemma bring her unparalleled presence to the screen, emulating the raw emotion of the power balled, all the while radiating an air of elegance; making the video a must see.

‘When you truly love someone’ is taken from John Galea’s upcoming EP ‘Missing Pages’, with the single set for release on November 25th. The award-winning artist described the song as a poignant narrative to his personal struggle with the world of dating.

‘When You Truly Love Someone’ will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, from November 25th.






How would react if you were left at the alter?

I probably would be in shock and asking a lot of questions. Hopefully its a situation I’m never in.
You talk opening about being bi-sexual, what advice would you give to someone was struggling with their sexuality?
Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it, either friends , family or support lines. No two people are the same and getting advice form a 3rd party can really help. I’ve always known deep down I’ve been attracted to both sex’s and have dated both along the years and people have tried to label me Gay or Straight, but I know I don’t fit into either of those boxes and I think people are now realising that life isn’t justBlack and White as that.
Why did you choose Gemma Oaten for the role of the jilted bride in your video?
We were looking for an actress to play the lead bride role and me and Gemma share the same agent and we were recommend Gemma who was about to go into another job, so time wise it worked out really well. She’s such a great actress! Love her to pieces.
Have ever felt pressured to stay in a relationship that you were not happy with?
Luckly no, I have given myself pressure to give relationships more of a chance when I feel its getting tough but I’m not one to suffer fools easily so I tend to tackle problems head on and stay or move on.
Where did you the film the video?
We filmed it in a small chapel in south east london called The Ayslum, I used to chapel in 2013 on my 2nd EP shoot for the ‘Under Attack’ and it was hardly used back then. Two years later and everyone is using it now, Lawson, Bastile, the BBC etc, I feel very lucky to be able to get in there to use it now., I have to thank the amazing Liza Dawson for finding the place in the first place.
If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it by and why?
I would of loved to have done a duet with Luther Vandross, his voice was amazing! Artists like Mariah Carey, Elton John  would be amazing too , but to be honest I’m totally open minded duet wise, as long as they are true artists I’m totally up for working together.
Which celebrity would most like to meet at the alter?
To marry? Thats a toughy I’ve never even dated a ‘celebrity‘ to start with so not sure how that would go.
What message do you want to share through this song?
That no matter who you fall in love with, it isn’t easy and can be hell, but over all when you find your one theres nothing like it. Nothing beats true love when you find the one.
What age did you start singing?
I started singing age 8 after seeing Mariah Carey performing on TV her vocals were incredible and was like WOW who is this. Then my Dad brought home an electric organ one day and I learnt how to play and create music and learnt the musicality of singing and songwriting.  My family have been such an amazing support with my music , without them I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now.
Who is style icon?
I don’t tend to have a a style Icon I just go with what I feels right on me. I think its important to feel comfortable,  but I do like to keep up to date with up and coming fashion designers all the time, like Digby Jackson & Nuno Lopes they are the real Trendsetters!

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