OSCAR NOMINATED ‘SING’ FILM REVIEW – Dare to open your mouth


These days, we love dancing and singing films. La La Land has been nominated for 14 Oscar, as much as Titanic in 1997 and All about Eve in 1950 and within a few days we’ll be able to enjoy Sing, a new movie featuring songs sung by Taron Egerton and Scarlett Johansson. But that’s not the Sing we saw. We saw the newest work of Hungarian director Kristof Deak, which has been nominated for an Oscar in the Live Action Short Film category. It’s a short movie about friendship, music and fighting for what you want. Cause singing is all about to dare you open your mouth right?

According to Deak, Sing is inspired by a true story. It’s about Zsofi (Dorka Gasparfalvi), a young girl, who is admitted to her new school and its famous choir. She does everything she has in her power to do a great job. Especially now the choir can become the best one in Europe. Zsofi has the time of her life. She sings at one of the most respected choirs and apart from that she also makes a lot of new friends. Her life is great until her cruel choir director says Zsofi can’t sing. However she can still participate on two conditions: she needs to mime and she can’t tell anyone about the talk she had with the director. For a long time, Zsofi can keep it a secret but we all know that your friends know you better than anyone else. And so does Zsofi new friend, Liza (Dorottya Hais). She insists to teach their teacher a lesson she will never forget.

Making new friends and fight for each other, that’s what Sing is all about. We all have been there and due to that the film feels very familiar. You like that instantly. Not only the amazing and familiar story but also the wonderful cinematography makes from Sing a pleasing movie. If there was an Oscar for Best Cinematography in Live Action Short Movie, Sing would win that Oscar for sure. The bright lights and light colours makes match brilliantly well with the songs and the signing. It makes you smile without any doubt.

And if there’s one thing that’s really worth mentioning, it’s the fantastic performances of Dorka Gasparfalvi (Zsofi) and Dorottya Hais (Liza). They make sure that the friendship between Zsofi and Lisa is pure and authentic and make sure we can all relate to the connection they have. They’re both still very young and unknown but we’re sure their names will become more familiar to us very soon.

So if you saw La La Land and you still haven’t enough from all the singing, then go and watch Sing. The familiar story, the beautiful cinematography and the stunning acting performances from both leading ladies, makes from Sing a must see movie. Fingers crossed it wins the Oscar on the 26th of February.

Liselotte Vanophem




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