EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with singer-songwriter Kit Rice

Just Celebrity was lucky enough to get an interview with Kit Rice, young upcoming singer-songwriter form London.



JC: Tell us a bit about your musical inspiration?

I’m really inspired by the classics and legends of the music industry like Prince and Lady Gaga but I like to mostly listen to current fresh music and combine my tastes to create totally original work.

JC: You have a very unique sense of fashion, who inspires you?

Prince and David Bowie inspire me for fashion and in their fearlessness, as I’m most attracted to bold statements and creative designs.

JC: You graduated from the highly respected BRIT-school, what is the most important thing you learned being there?

I gained a lot of confidence in myself. And the friendships I made from attending the BRIT school gave me a unique perspective on the industry, being surrounded by so many artists and creatives and set me up well for life afterwards.

JC: You recently collaborated with DJ FREEK, how did that collaboration come to life?

Freek actually went to the BRIT school as well but we met years later when he was searching for a male singer to feature on a track and it went so well we became closer and closer and continue collaborating.

JC: What are your future plans regarding your musical career?

2017 is about my new album. I’m reflecting a more mature style. Nina Simone said it is an artist’s duty to reflect the times, and there’s a lot to write about, the world is in a crazy place! There will defiantly be some quintessential kit rice funk tunes in there as well. It will be out later this year

JC: What do you enjoy the most about he creative process of writing music?

I write as a form of therapy. If I’m feeling some kind of way, I’ll write about it. It helps me cope with all the crap life throws at me. Also I love to create music from scratch, sometimes I might start with something as simple as a kick drum pattern and build the song from there. Other times I’ll have a melody line in my head when I wake up and I put that down, and build the song around that.

JC: You used to be a classical violinist, does that still influence your music?

Yes of course! I hear violins in my head when I’m singing. And in the studio I always put down my own string section. I love strings.

JC: If you were not involved in the music industry, what would your ideal job be?

I wouldn’t choose another profession to be honest. Music is my life and my world. If I wasn’t an artist I’d still be writing for film or other artists.

JC: If you could work with any artist in the future who would you choose?

The one and only miss Brandy Norwood. We would write an amazing duet. If you’re reading this hit me up girl, I love me some brandy!


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