Pia Pressure and BAFTA join forces to promote female directors

Film Production Company ‘Pia Pressure’ partners with BAFTA for the Elevate Program

Innovative film and television production company, Pia Pressure, have announced their partnership with BAFTA to launch the Elevate program to help promote female directors progress in high-end film features and television.

The Elevate program looks to help close the gap between the 50/50% of male/female film school graduates and the 87/13% male/female industry directing hires. Producers who are often keen to hire female directors then say that they are hard to find. Pia Pressure, who has previously been committed to promoting female talent, hopes that this new collaboration with BAFTA will contribute to positive change within the industry. The programme will include networking introductions, mentoring and expert workshops.

Founded by Award winning filmmaker Pia Getty, ‘Pia Pressure’ is a company set up to support emerging talent to make exciting and original films. Together with producer James Durrant and award winning director Johnny Kenton, Pia Pressure previously announced their support for BAFTA “Brit to Watch” and Africa United female director Debs Paterson’s next project.

Female directors can apply for the Elevate program at apply.bafta.org


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