‘CHECK PLEASE’ FILM REVIEW – Short movie, big love story


We’ve probably all dreamed about how our wedding proposal should be like, whether you’re the one who’s proposing or not. And so did Ben. A romantic date, a fancy restaurant and with his grandmother’s ring in his pocket, he was totally ready for it. With all this planned out, what could go wrong? Well Daniel Sorochkin gives you the answer to that in his new film Check Please. It might be a short movie but it’s a big movie when it comes to emotions, love and happiness. Compared to this, Love Actually is peanuts.

When Ben finally decided to pop the big question to his lifelong girlfriend Laura, he probably didn’t expect it go this way. He planned it to the smallest detail: a nice restaurant, the perfect ring and getting it to his girlfriend by putting it on her main course so she will see it immediately. He even informed the waiter who clearly had to listen a little bit better. Instead of taking it to Ben his table, the dish was taken to another table where a woman ordered to exact same thing as Laura. So yeah, you can probably guess what happened next. The woman who mistakenly got the ring was over the moon and her husband, who didn’t propose to her, played the game along nicely. Of course Ben asked to give him his ring back but when the guy refused, Ben tries everything to get his ring back. Too much, because he didn’t notice he total forgot about Laura, who spent almost the entire evening alone. But then, after a miserable night for Laura, she gets a very moist chocolate cake that might include an unusual ingredient.

Ok, yeah we admit it. We love those kind of “boy-meet-girl and marry her” kind of story and we know that some of you might not be up for that. If you’re one of those people, do still check out this movie. Maybe you won’t like the story but you’ll adore the amazing acting. Bryan Manley gives a superb performance as Ben, who loves his girlfriend very much and when it comes to her, he really knows how to fight for his right. Amelia Brian definitely knows how to portray Laura, a woman how loves and who want to be loved. Jacob Trussell (Mike), who appearance reminds us a little bit of Colin Farell in Horrible Bosses 2, and Emily Dennis (Hannah), make a great couple that’s about to get married. Another reason why you should check out this short movie is the great cinematography from Oren Soffer, who really captured the romantic atmosphere without it being very cheesy.

Do you really need to check out Check Please? Yes, you definitely need to! It’s a funny short film with a fantastic cast and a wonderful cinematography and it also shows that a strong script, without being too complex and too ambitious, and good ideas are a great start in making an enjoyable short movie. You can check it out online.

Liselotte, Just Celebrity Magazine Film Reviewer




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