FILM REVIEW – The Escape: A Dark and intriguing movie


Getting stuck at work? Not able to enjoy life due to financial problems? Or just going through a rough phase in your life? We all have been there and during those moments we probably wanted to escape to another, better but most importantly to a life we always wanted. What if someone offers you the chance of living that life for a while, would you take it? Even when you have to sacrifice a lot?

That’s the question Lambert (Julian Sands) has to answer in Paul Franklin’s directorial debut The Escape. Is he willing to take a drug the mysterious man Kellan (Art Malik) offers him, sacrificing 10 years of his own life and giving up all his belongings, all for the chance to escape into his own fantasy? Or will he decline it and continue with his current life? And if he accepts the offer, which fantasy would he go for? A world in which he has a lot of power and money or one in which he’s been loved a lot?

So many questions, so little (screen) time. In only 18 minutes, you’ll get answers to all of these questions, with some you might agree and some you may not. If there’s one thing, you’re all going to get, it’s a very good and intriguing WTF moment at the end of the movie.

Not only that moment is intriguing, but the whole movie itself is. Thanks to the great work of cinematographer Michael Coulter, The Escape is surrounded by a great, dark and mysterious vibe. Also, the gripping performances of the cast make sure that you’ll watch the movie until the very end. We’re sure that you’ll be able to relate with the unsure Lambert, who’s really having doubt whether he should take the chance or not, thanks to the gripping acting of Julian Sands and Art Malik, adding with his performance as Kellan an extra portion of mystery and darkness to the movie. They get support from the amazing Olivia Williams, Ben Miller, Ivo Franklin-Burton and Mimi Keene.

So do you have to watch The Escape? Of course, you do because Paul Franklin did an amazing job in his first director’s chair. He didn’t only chose the perfect story to tell, but made sure to work with a great cast and crew. The result: A fabulous movie with a dark and captivating vibe to it. You might not escape your life forever but these 18 minutes are a perfect start for that.

A fabulous movie with a dark and captivating vibe to it.

Liselotte Vanophem


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