Just Celebrity Reports… Day 1 at MCM Comic Con London 2017: No boundaries, just pure fun!

If you passed by the ExCel convention centre yesterday without knowing what was going on, you might have blinked twice. You probably thought you’re lost your mind because you saw Iron Man, Deadpool, Harley Quinn and other comic characters enjoying the sun. But rest assured, you were all fine. You just bumped into MCM Comic Con London 2017. Until Sunday, comic lovers from all over the world getting together to celebrate all the best comics, television series and movies have to offer. Some of the attendees in jeans and sweater but most of them in their favourite cosplay character, on which they’ve worked on for almost a year. Wanna know what went on during the first day? Then you came to the right place!

As press, we probably weren’t allowed to go full cosplay, but we couldn’t help but wear something ‘comic’. We chose for the famous blue/red shorts from Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and we were definitely not the only one. When entering the ExCel, we already saw tons of Harley Quinn’s, some of them accompanied by the Joker, but all of them looking very awesome!

While we made our way down into the ExCel, we discovered all the great things the Comic Con had to offer: All the little shops where you could buy everything your comic heart desires, the places where you and fellow players could battle against each other in one of the endless games and of course all the different theatres, in which panels and talks with the different stars, directors etc. were hosted.

It was in one of those theatres that we found ourselves during the Red Dwarf Panel featuring Mark Deter and Chris Barrie. For all of you out there who don’t know anything about Red Dwarf, well it’s a Sci-Fi sitcom that’s been on and off our small screens since 1988 and it’s still being made in front of a live audience. To the question on what’s the hardest part of making a series in front of a live audience, Mark answered ‘that he had to learn his lines’. Chris added that ‘that they want to make it for a live audience and that Red Dwarf wouldn’t be the same without it’. Both men also confirmed that they’re already thinking about season 13 and 14. Red Dwarf fans, we felt your joy!

After the panel, we felt, even more joy when we were guided into the press room where Scott Adkins was waiting for us (and all those other press outlets. No, we didn’t have him for ourselves). You probably have seen him in Dr. Strange, that was released last year, and according to Adkins himself it was a thrill to be a part of such a big movie like that. He also confirmed what we already knew: Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for playing Dr. Strange! Thanks to his part in Dr.Strange, Adkins became part of the Marvel Comic Universe but he could have become a member of that Universe earlier. He mentioned that he wanted to become the lead in Iron Fist but that Marvel didn’t lead him because he was, according to Adkins himself, too old and not blond enough. So the role eventually went to Finn Jones. Of course, Adkins wasn’t only there to talk about Dr. Strange and Iron Fist but most importantly he came to introduce Accident Man, his new movie based on the comic books by Patt Mills. Adkins stated that since he was 15, he loved the books and being able to write a script, make the movie and star in the movie as well has been an amazing experience for him. At this moment, Accident Men is still in post-production but Adkins seems to be very proud of it and he already knows that’s going to do very well. We expect to find out how well at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

Speaking of expecting, after our chat with Scott, we were able to get some sneak previews of what upcoming projects Universal has in store for us. Of course, The Mummy was the first preview we got. Coming out on the 9th of June and featuring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe, the movie seems to be a real monster movie, the kind of movie director Alex Kurtzman wanted to give the audience. According to Tom Cruise himself, the movie was a hell of a lot of fun and the sets were magnificent and beautiful, so that sounds very promising. We also got two Steve Carell’s for the price of one. In Despicable Me 3, in which he plays the twin brothers Gru and Dru. Being described as hilarious, a movie for everyone and a film that brings out your inner child made sure that we will be in the theatre when this movie comes out.

But now, it was time to leave the theatre. The first day of the MCM Comic Con London 2017 was done. But don’t worry, we’re already back with more news, videos and photos during day 2 and don’t forget to follow @JustCelebrity1 for live updates, straight from the heart of ExCel London.

Film and Celebrity Reporter, Liselotte Vanophem

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