FILM REVIEW – Women and Wine: Recognizable short movie about women and friendship

We probably all have been there. You just ended a long-term relationship and all you want to do it cry, eat chocolate or grab a bottle of wine. At moments like that, you probably will be able to rely on your best friends, who will listen to you and who will do whatever it takes to make you forget your broken heart. That friendship can also be tested at moments like that, especially when you tell some of your most intimate stories, about the relationship, which you confide in your closest friend. That’s exactly what the new short movie Women and Wine from the Norwegian director Liv Karin Dahlstrom is all about.

Turid (Marit Andreassen) and Signe (Jeanne Bee) are two middle-aged female friends, who are planning a surprise birthday party for the 50th anniversary of one of the friends called Grete (Turid Gunnes). They don’t want to spoil the surprise from the start so they decided to dress up in silly costumes. Both unrecognizable, Turid and Signe ‘kidnap’ Grete to her own party but their plan might not have worked perfectly. From the start, Grete recognized Signe from the start. However, Turid, who was convinced that she would be recognized immediately, wasn’t. To her, it feels like a disappointment and she starts doubting her close friendship with Grete. She thought she was one of Grete’s closest friends but now she feels like she stands lower on the friendship ladder than she originally thought. To make herself feel better, she betrays the confidence of Grete by telling one of Grete’s secrets to Signe. Will this be the start of the end of the friendship or will Grete forgive Turid for her betrayal? You will get the answer to the question if you go and watch Women and Wine.

Women. Friendship. Betrayal. This is how you can describe the story of Women and Wine in three simple words. The acting performances can’t be described in three words because they’re more than that. We might not be familiar with the actresses; however, you should be, especially after seeing this movie. Marit Andreassen is in her country a well-known actress who acted in TV programmes as Netflix’s Lilyhammers. We hope that she will become well-known after Women and Wine because her performance as Trudi is great, as a woman who loves her friends to bits but who’s also who might put herself in front of her friendship. Also, Jeanne Bee and Turid Gunnes create with their performances a very realistic movie. Overall, all the acting seems very natural, thanks to which everyone can relate to the story.

The fact that it feels that relatable can also be a small disadvantage for this movie. We kind of know what will happen in Women and Wine so it might be a little bit predictable, but the acting performances will make you want to watch the whole film. And that’s exactly what you need to do! Watch this movie.

Liselotte Vanophem, Just Celebrity Magazine Film and Celebrity Reporter


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