EIFF – Souls of totality: A fascinating short movie with an edgy and mysterious vibe


Everyone of us has an opinion about what happens when we die. Does our soul transfer from one body to another? Does it transcend the body and just lives on its own? Or does the soul dies with the body? In Souls of Totality, the newest Richard Raymond short movie, those life questions are being answered in a very captivating way.


SOULS OF TOTALITY – Trailer from Richard Raymond on Vimeo.

No names policy. That’s probably one of the rules of the cult Lady 18 (Tatiana Maslany) and Guy 3 (Tatiana Maslany) belong to. They live together with other Ladies and Guys under one roof and all the members swear by one important pledge. If they die during a Solar Eclipse their souls will be taken to paradise. However, it seems that Lady 18 is destined for more than just belonging to her cult. Being the chosen one, her purpose is much bigger than just doing the laundry. Uncertain of what’s going to happen to her, she’s been driving away from the family, including Guy 3 who’s the secret love of her life but when she’s made aware of her destiny and the ones from the family members, she’s doing everything in her power to get back to them and save them. Will she be on time for that or will all hope be lost? You will have to discover that for yourself while watching Souls of Totality.

Of course, we can’t give away too much about the movie, especially because it’s a short one but we can tell you that the film will keep you fascinated for a long time. The mysterious vibe from the film is present from the very first second until the very last one. Especially when the Voice is heard that will lead Lady 18 to her destiny. In the beginning, it’s unclear (but in a good way) where the story will head to but every scene will give you a clue but still, the ending will come totally unexpected. And too soon as well, we would have loved to see a whole feature film of this.

18 minutes isn’t a very long screen time and it needs to be spot on from the very start. The storyline but also the acting. Maslany (Orphan Black, Parks and Recreation) portrays Lady 18 as the incredible rough, tough woman who can clearly fight for whatever she believes in. Opposite her, we see Cullen (Knightfall, The Five) as the loving husband whose affection for his wife might not be in line with the rules of the cult.

An amazing and dark storyline. Great performances. What else do you need to make an incredible movie? Well, eye catching cinematography, that box can also be ticked off as well when it comes to Souls of Totality. The cinematography can even be considered as unique because the film contains a five-minute single-take sequence shot that was made during a real solar eclipse which was a first in cinema history, yet another good reason to watch this movie.

Every film needs your attention, whether it’s a short one, feature length one. From comedy to horror and everything in between. So does Souls of Totality. The movie will captivate you from start to finish and it will become a fascinating short movie with an edgy and mysterious vibe. Something you can’t miss.

Just Celebrity Magazine Film and TV Reporter – Liselotte Vanophem


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