Cashpoint: To split or not to split the bill? That’s the question!


“To split the bill or not the split it”? That’s always the question when you go on a date. You might prefer to split the check or you want to take turns. One pays now, the other next time. Whatever it is, it definitely shouldn’t spoil the amazing date you just had. But what if it does? Then we’re pretty sure you haven’t watched “Cashpoint”, the first short film from director Monique Needham. This directional debut shows in an amusing and witty way that you should never judge a book by its cover during a date, especially in an age of online dating apps.

Girls, admit it. We all have done it. Calling your best friend after a date, tell him/her about it and at the end of the call you end up asking for advice. Camille (Ani Nelson) is no different. Talking to her friend over the phone, the conversation goes from online dating apps, failed dates to the hope of finding true love. However, the always talkative Camille ends up being totally perplexed when she finds out a dirty secret about her latest date. To keep up the suspense, we see what happens on that date. Being cautious at first, Camille decides to have dinner with a guy she met on a dating app and eventually she’s won over by his charms, looks, and funniness. They’re having an amazing time, loads of conversations and everything seems to go fine. Until the bill arrives. She couldn’t have predicted what would happen next…

Can you predict what would happen next? No? Then watch this charming short film. Not only because of the unexpected twist but also because of the huge level of recognition. We’ve all been on dates of which some of them went much better than others, whether we want it or not we all ask for advice and deep down you’ve tried online dating apps (which can work out very well). The confusing time Camille is going through can happen to anyone. It will be mostly the women amongst us who will recognize themselves in the leading character but men will like this movie too.

The familiar story isn’t the only element that makes from this film such as the recognizable one. It’s also the “down-to-earth” vibe that’s being created by different other elements. Forget sunny paradise with massive mansions and bikini models next to the swimming pools. Nope, Camille is walking around in Central London dressed like one of us. Jeans, a sweater, and sneakers. Gone is that unrealistic and impossible dream life, hello to the ordinary and “girl-next-door” one.

With a running time of only nine minutes, “Cashpoint” can’t afford it to take a slow start and thanks to lead actress Ani Nelson (“Crooked House”, “BlackOut”), the film can fascinate us from the beginning. Nelson her performance seems to come very natural, easy and without any struggle. Because of that, it feels like we’re watching one of us. Honestly, don’t we all want a date like Craig? Kadeem Pearse’s (“No Shade”, “Elvis Pelvis”) makes him the perfect date: Funny, witty and interested in the woman in front of him. But yeah sometimes still waters run deep.

Ready to step into the world of Camille, her search for love and online dating? Then the London Independent Film Festival has amazing news for you. On the 12th of April, the movie will have its world premiere there and you don’t want to miss it! Not only because there’s no other screening confirmed so far but also because it’s a movie with a genuine human story, wonderful interplay between the two leading actors and a huge “down-to-earth” vibe. Also keep this film is mind next time your server comes with the bill.

Liselotte Vanophem – Just Celebrity Magazine Film Reporter


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