CELEBRITIES – The new celebrity favourite… The Cronut.


Here’s a decision some of London’s A-Listers are facing right now…

‘Do I want a croissant or a doughnut…?’ Didn’t think we’d be asking that, did you?

So, which one would you pick right now? Tricky isn’t it?

Well, that problem is solved. Meet the CRONUT. A hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut. Both your favourites mixed into one – taking that difficult sweet-toothed decision away.

Baked By Delice, a West London-based company that formed last year – is the brand bringing the Cronut into households round the UK with its mail order service of a next day guarantee nationwide for just 99p.

Toppings like Oreos, Lotus biscuit and Jammy Dodgers are just a few among the unbelievable choices on their menu. NO melting, no overspill – just beautiful creations ready for you to enjoy.

And cheaper than Crosstown Donuts or Doughnut Time, they are a premium brand that don’t break the bank either. Even for the fanciest of celebrities.

The Cronut was born in 2013 and soon a store was opened in Covent Garden. But the pandemic meant it had to close. Our lavish and luxury treats weren’t available anymore, so Baked By Delice provided some sugary respite to those hard times we were facing. 

Marketing and Design Manager James Sheridan says, ‘You can’t find cronuts in the shops, they’re just totally unique. We’ve even created a wonderful caramel-flavoured golden cronut that costs £25! It’s quite the crowd-pleaser at events like Taste Of London, where we’ve just appeared.’

A few VERY well-known names are already have said to tried the golden cronut – but none of them have been revealed.

Now’s your chance to snack like a celebrity too…

To order, or for more details visit – https://www.bakedbydelice.co.uk

Twitter: @BakedByDelice

Facebook: @BakedByDelice

Instagram: @baked_by_delice

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