CELEBRITIES – Meet Brandon Baum…


You get many types of celebrity: Your Hollywood A-lister, reality stars and the like. But what about the social influencer? Here’s one young guy at the top of his game.

At a first glance, 21-year-old Brandon Baum sits at his computer in his childhood bedroom – looking like any other average youngster fixated by a screen.

But Brandon is working on far more than his gaming level – he’s a video-maker listed as being worth FIVE million. 

Having just hit 3.5 million followers, Brandon, from Bushey, produces videos that have hit as many as 90 MILLION views – all with the support of his mum downstairs, Samantha. 

He’s a regular associate on work with teen sensations Woody and Kleiny and videos that he has proved for them are now recognised worldwide.

With some new Tokyo Olympic-inspired content, Brandon not only posts topical videos – but also tons of fun on the side.

Brandon can be found on all platforms and with his regular online contributions, you’d be mad not to give him a follow.

Watch this space for more…


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