CELEBRITIES – Why the celebrity-world is flocking to Mogul Love…


Let’s face it, we all want to know where celebrities get their inspiration. It can’t just be the dozens of stylists, advisors and personal trainers that rally around them. In fact, where do they get their inspiration too?

Well look no further to get your equal dose of celebrity lifestyle… https://www.mogullove.com

Mogul Love is the newest lifestyle-based website on the block for women of all ages.

With topic such as legal advice, transform, money and fun things to do as just a few of the possibilities – it really is the website for every woman at every time of the day.

Lisa Palmer, founder of the site says, ‘We created Mogul Love for all types of women and there really isn’t a base we haven’t covered. When a few celebrities started signing up – we weren’t too surprised as we know they’re just ordinary women like the rest of us with their own lives. We really have everything they could want.’

Equipped also with chat forums for you to join the conversation – you might even spot a celebrity name in the mix!

Check out https://www.mogullove.com now – and join the community.

Photo from Mogul Love.


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