Sundance Film Festival’s WARSHA is truly a masterpiece

Warsha is a spectacular short directed by Dania Bdeir, it explores the story of a man Mohammed, who lives in a world where he is unable to express himself freely. Khansa the lead actor, is a multi-disciplinary artist redefining Masculinity in the Middle East. This is a film that really displays the struggle men in the middle east go through when trying to express themselves. It’s such a patriarchal world where men are considered the bread winners and providers of family, and they must at all costs be manly and strong. 

Dania Bdeir is a Lebanese/Canadian filmmaker with Syrian origins. This is an exquisite film which is very expressive of the male gender, I love the fact that Bdeir has portrayed the struggle with masculinity for men in such a beautiful way through dance. This is truly a masterpiece short.

The Cinematographer Shadi Chaaban has done a spectacular job with the cinematography, it has been so well shot, every inch of this film shows the beauty of Beirut, and the beauty of the lead characters soul and passion for his freedom.  The film is produced by Coralie Dias.

This film premieres at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. If you have the chance to see this masterpiece in filmmaking, I would definitely recommend it. 

Bel Autum


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