FILM REVIEW – Agile Films FEMME could bag the director’s Sam H Freeman and Ng Choon Ping a well deserved BAFTA

Break ups are always difficult, especially if you are not the one walking away. Friends will always try and cheer you up when you’re feeling low, often by taking you on a night out to take your mind off things. This can go one of two ways; it can make you feel better or cause you to have a lapse in judgement. The latter is what happened when Jordan, who is expertly portrayed by Paapa Essiedu in Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping’s FEMME.

As an out queer man Jordan’s dad warned him about boys who wouldn’t be so nice, as he walks on the side of danger will this warning ring true? 

FEMME is a powerful film that will keep you hooked on the screen from start to finish. Alongside Essiedu’s powerful performance as the stylish and likeable Jordan, starring as the bad boy Wes, Harris Dickson also memorises audiences.

Ping and Freeman want to bring queer narratives into the mainstream and FEMME is an excellent show piece for them that could bag them a well-deserved BAFTA. This dynamic writer/director duo are certainly names you need to look out for as their expert direction in FEMME will have you shouting at the screen!

Agile Films produce unique and character-driven films and television that aim to inspire and entertain. They work with rising and established writers, directors, and on-screen talent from both the UK and internationally to develop and produce bold and distinctive stories across all genres.

Margaret Brown, Film Reporter Just Celebrity Magazine


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