***** Purple Beatz: A must-see British feature set during the underground drum ‘n’ bass music scene of 90’s London

A film review by Baber Joseph for Just Celebrity Magazine

5 out of 5 stars

Purple Beatz starts like a roller coaster, slowly, building up speed and then whooshes about with twists and turns into the life of budding artist SJ, played by Izzy Jones. The story line develops like a tapestry and the viewer becomes a very supportive spectator in SJ’s steep climb to achieving music success. The main characters in the film namely SJ, played by Izzy Jones, Deedee, played by Erika Alexander, Russell D, played by Aron Von Andrian and DJ, played by Steven Michael-O’Hara; fit into their characters like a scuba suit. Two poignant moments in the film, firstly when music exec Russell D listens and sees SJ perform for the first time, he stands up shooting his tongue out, like a reptile collecting SJ’s scent and then rubbing it on his lips for the taste, and secondly when SJ reacts terribly to the drugs that she was passively forced to take by Russell D. Izzy Jones performance is magic, it pulls at the viewers emotions. 

The theme of the film will probably strike a chord with up and coming artists; success does not come without heartache and misery, in both professional and personal relationships. Lucky are those that have ‘true’ friends. I also believe that the theme goes deeper in that the individual/s of true talent seem to have a will and drive that propels them to their desired aim. 

To quote Michelangelo “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high, and we miss it. But it is too low, and we reach it.”

Purple Beatz is a vibrant and well scripted feature film by London born writer/director Lola Atkins. In addition, Lola directed the award winning short film HUSH. PURPLE BEATZ is Lola’s directorial debut of a feature length film. Lola has launched the film through her own production house, EWAV WORKS. 

Producer Jason Matthewson is an award-winning actor, producer and writer. He is a partner at the London based film and TV company, The Old Film Farm. Jason is the co-founder of the Gold Movie Awards. Jason is currently preparing for his next film, HEXED, which he will produce and star.

Trinity Creative Partnership is an independent sales and distribution company specialising in documentaries, feature films and television series; they have worked with Jason on the production and very rightly feel that the film deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Cinematography created by Violetta D’Agata is definitely worth a mention. The camera work captures very well the full scope of the talented actors’ line up; a cinematographic moment that stands out is when S J (played by Izzy Jones) who is reacting terribly to the class ‘A’ drugs given to her by Russell Dee a music executive, the camera work and knowing instinctively when to pan back has been executed very well. The attention to detail and subtle nuances to the camera work blend very well with the script.

The costume and set design by Anna Bevan are period correct, I particularly liked the ‘Brick’ mobile phone used by the music executive Russell Dee. The vinyl record shop and smoking in the store brought back fond memories, a must see watch and a fun ride!


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