***1/2 OSCAR contender TECH TO THE FUTURE – Director Sandro Monetti and Producer Francis Hellyer are taking the world of technological advancement by storm

Move aside, Marty and Doc! Director Sandro Monetti and Producer Francis Hellyer are taking the world of technological advancement by storm. Their film TECH TO THE FUTURE contradicts the often dismal view of the future that dystopian films, television shows, and books have perpetuated, giving a far more hopeful view of what lies ahead. 

The film covers technology that, only a decade ago, were pipe dreams; from flying cars to medical advancements that could prevent sepsis. While the flying cars might be the thing that catches the average viewer’s eye, the medical advancements are certainly far more impressive and shine a hopeful light on the future. 

TECH TO THE FUTURE is reminiscent of childhood educational programs that would leave us intrigued and excited by larger scientific concepts that would usually be difficult to digest for someone without a physics degree. This sets the film apart from the average science documentary. The creative duo behind the film work to accurately present the technology being discussed while simultaneously making sure that they use dialogue and enthusiasm that anyone can understand. 

Monetti has spoken of plans to extend this idea into a television series, and after viewing the film, it’s not hard to see that this concept could certainly catch the eye of various television outlets. 

Monetti and Hellyer’s 15 minute and 33 second journey into the coming times leaves audiences asking themselves how they can be part of these thrilling, positive advancements as well as leaving them to ponder what other, seemingly impossible, feats may be possible in a few short years. 

Just Celebrity Film Reporter Ada James


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