*****OSCAR CONTENDER – NIGHT RIDE “Eirik Tveiten’s masterpiece shares a story of an unlikely friendship that questions prejudice”

Director Eirik Tveiten brings us a timely story and through clever cinematography music and brilliant performances, “Night Ride” draws our attention to issues surrounding gender identity and prejudice.

This important live action short film will be available on The New Yorker on November 4th and stars Sigrid Kandal Husjord as Ebba, her beautiful performance ensure the viewers attention is captured as during a freezing night she takes the bold decision to literally drive off with a tram!

Ola Hoemsnes Sandum‘s brilliant portrayal of a trans lady who is harassed whilst just trying to get home will have you calling out to the screen! Whilst the director’s choices to have Ebba turn on the radio and close the curtains on the homophobic events happening on the tram excellently mirrors how society often chooses to ignore these prevailing humanitarian issues, yet regardless of how hard we choose to ignore them, they will always lie there in the background, just as how Ebba could still catch a glimpse of the abuse through the tram’s mirrors.

This short combines embarrassment, harassment, and eventual laughter to portray a serious ongoing issue in today’s day and age. Viewers will leave with reflections and a deeper understanding of how in order to be the change we wish to see we must face injustice head-on, as ignoring it only makes it worse for all parties involved.

This must see short film produced by Gaute Lid Larssen and Heidi Arnesen could easily find its way to the 2023 Academy Awards nomination list and would deservedly do so as this director Eirik Tveiten has made a masterpiece!


Mary Marshall

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