*****OSCAR Contender BAZIGAGA “A touching short inspired by Zura Karuhimbi who saved hundreds of lives during the Rwandan genocide”

Inspired by the real life of Zura Karuhimbi, this touching short depicts life during the 1994 Rwandan genocide for Bazigaga, a locally feared shaman who, through the use of her quick thinking, becomes an unlikely hero in the face of disaster. The director Jo Ingabire Moys wrote the script for the film after herself living through the genocide as a young girl, the director is not just talented she is also brave to tell a story from such a horrific personal memory.

The opening shots of BAZIGAGA creates an immediate air of uncertainty for viewers, as we see the camera switch from a Bazigaga who sits peacefully in her house, to a man carrying an injured little girl whilst being chased through a forest by gun-wielding militia men. We are instantaneously drawn to what will come next.

As the story progresses, we see an increase in tension and fear, aided by a dramatic increase in the tempo of the score. This is done beautifully, where we as the audience are able to share the distress and anxiousness that the actors portray. However, we also see reconciliation between the characters. Both actors are able to clearly convey the emotion that if either of them is to survive, they must out aside their differences and trust one another.

This tale of a fearlessly brave woman who helped save hundreds of Tutsi lives from what would have been certain death is a must-watch and gives us hope that humanity still exists. A true OSCAR contender!

Mary Marshall

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