*****OSCAR CONTENDER – MY EYES (I Miei Occhi) “Viewers will be left in utter genuine surprise”

Director Tommaso Acquarone’s (Sulla Riva) MY EYES is a strong OSCAR contender and live action short film that will have you on the edge of your seat whilst the strong performances this talented filmmaker brings out of seasoned actress Kseniya Rappoport (Dead Souls) and newcomer João Farina will have you mesmerized throughout!

The establishing shot sets this short film as being heavily focused on the main character’s connection with a young street performer. Unsure exactly of their relationship to each other, but having a vague idea from a phone call we’ve heard, we watch along as she desperately tries to interact with him.

The choice to set for the majority of this film is inside a car which ultimately brings use closer to the characters, as we share in their space. 

As the film progresses, we see these characters laugh and become more comfortable with one another. Yet, our female protagonist still hasn’t exposed their relationship. By the final 5 minutes, views have a rough idea of how the next few scenes are going to play out, but we watch in disbelief and hope we are wrong. The director Tommaso Acquarone has done an excellent job of making us unprepared and unsuspecting of what is to come. Viewers will be left in utter genuine surprise.

MY EYES is a strong OSCAR contender for Best Live Action Short Film, it should wing its way onto the shortlist and beyond, hopefully finding a well deserved spot on the Nominations list too!


Mary Marshall

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