Raindance Film Festival 2018 Interview ~ Elliot Grove: For every film we’re showing here, we said no to 59 other movies

This year’s Raindance Film Festival kicked off on September 26th, with a fantastic programme of international films. We caught up with Elliot Grove, the founder of London’s largest independent film festival, to talk about what makes their film selections stand out from the rest. Congratulations with the Raindance Film Festival and this years’ amazing lineup….

RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL – Atsuko Hirayanagi: “Independent movies tell more a human story and that’s very important”

With Oh Lucy!, the Randaince film festival opens with a Japanse-American coproduction, starring Josh Hartnett and Shinobu Terajima. Our celebrity journalist Liselotte Vanophem spoke to director Atsuko Hirayanagi right before the UK premiere and had a chat about the exciting but nerve-wracking experience of having your film opening a film festival, about the difference in…