Interview Krow (“Krow’s TRANSformation”): It’s so important to have people know what it’s like and to understand the process

“Krow’s TRANSformation”, the newest film from first-time filmmaker and director Gina Hole Lazarowich, was on Wednesday the 18th of September the openings film of the Raindance Film Festival. We were able to speak with leading actor Krow right before the premiere of his film.

Hi Krow, welcome at the Raindance Film Festival. How do you feel?

I feel incredible! This is just an amazing opportunity! I love it here and it’s great to be part of this.

How did you get in contact with Gina (the director) and how did you guy get this film made?

She has a studio and so the original plan was to have a photo shoot before and after my transition. She was like “hey, should we do a documentary instead?”. That’s how it all started. It was just pure luck.

How was it for you to open up to the entire world?

It was definitely a big choice at the beginning to open up to people because there’s a lot of vulnerability when you’re sharing your experience about your transition. Especially because of all the emotions. However, it’s so important to have people know what it’s like and to understand the process. I was like “Ok, it’s important for families, children, and teachers to learn about this and understand it better so that it maybe can help someone else”.

Do you have any advice for people out there would are thinking about doing the transition as well?

My suggestion is that you always have to have a base support group if you didn’t come out to your friends and family yet. Go to a transgender help group where they talk about their experiences. There you will have that support guaranteed. When you’re ready and comfortable to come out to your friends and family, you always have something to fall back onto.

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