Celebrity News – Stephen Lord Stateside


We recently heard Stephen Lord will soon be stateside with his beautiful wife Elaine Cassidy and new daughter Kila.  I am sure UK fan’s will be disappointed, but with his online series Dr Hoo causing a stir Worldwide ‘Just Celebrity’ is excited to see what this talented man will be up to next.  We personally would LOVE to see him in front of the camera.

Film Ireland on Dr Hoo: – “Any project, especially online where novelty is king, needs a hook. In the case of Dr Hoo the draw is in the title”.  ”It’s still a case of Hoo dares, wins”. Niall Kitson, Film Ireland

Read the full article here: http://www.filmireland.net/2009/12/20/a-doctor-by-any-other-name/

Stephen Lord (“Until Death”, “The Shepherd”,  new film with Ewan McGregor “Jackboots of Whitehall”) the producer and director of Dr Hoo who also appears in the drama as the mysterious Agent Smart, described the offbeat series as a character-driven show that “allows an audience to think and get what they want from the show – or not, which is liberating”.

We found a sneak peek here, it is apparently available in 82 countries worldwide through Mo Film Phone applications.  We say what are you waiting for, it is quirky, intelligent fun!



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