Introducing Fagun Thakrar

We were excited to catch up with the stunning Fagun Thakrar, to talk about her new films with a message ‘Blood and Curry’ and ‘Bhopal’ with Martin Sheen and Mischa Barton.  Fagun shares with Just Celebrity her love for India, film and her desire to play the Joan or Arc!

JC: Do you choose to accept roles with films with a message, if so why?

FT: Yes, I feel that it important as an actor to do films with a message. Today people watch more movies and TV than they read. To do a role that may help someone, or shine a light on an injustice is very rewarding to me.

JC: Would you like to star in a romantic comedy?

FT: As a little girl I always loved watching romantic comedies. I still do and yes I would love to do one in the future.

JC: If you could work with any actor, who would it be?

FT: I’d love to work opposite George Clooney because I think he’s one of the most intelligent men in film, but also have a feeling that he has a wicked sense of humor, which I’d like to experience both personally and professionally. Another actor who I think is very special is Philip Seymour Hoffman. He’s such an understated performer and gives so much to his fellow actors. Watching him is like taking a master class in acting. I’d love to share the screen with him.

JC: We heard you are going to be heading the charity SAHARA, please can you tell us more about the organization?

FT: SAHARA, meaning “support” in Hindi, is a non-profit community service agency that was founded in 1991, SAHARA established one of the first transitional homes in Southern California for South Asian survivors of domestic violence. Here Women and children can live a life free of violence while developing the necessary intellectual, emotional and mental skills that will facilitate a smooth transition into a successful, empowered, and independent life. I’m very honored to be the spoke women for this organization.

JC: What message would you give to actors just starting in the business?

FT: If you’re after glamour and fame then maybe look somewhere else. Because most of actors will not become stars and will end up disappointed. But if you love acting, and you have something to say to the world, then you’ll be always happy.

JC: What ethnicities do you play?

FT: I play a range of ethnic roles, including Indian, Arabic, Spanish, Mexican, Latino, Iranian, Egyptian, as well as some ambiguous roles.

JC: Which part in India do your family come from?

FT: My mother is from Gujarat and my dad is from East Africa. They are both originally from India.

JC: What do you love most about India and the culture?

FT: We believe in family values and respect our elders. Because one day we’ll be old and we’ll be paid back by our children. We don’t have many old people’s homes in India. Our parents and grandparents live with us in our homes. Indians still have qualities such caring about animals, most of the Indians being vegetarians. Indians are also one of the most tolerant people where religions live in perfect harmony. Over the centuries foreigners have been coming there and Indians have welcomed them with open arms. This has brought so much richness to India — our architecture, cuisine, clothes, language is a beautiful mix of people from all over the world.

JC: You were going to train as a doctor, what attracted you about the career?

FT: As a child I was always surrounded by professional family members and my role models were the highly placed doctors. But what attracted me most was their knowledge and power to help others. Same thing as acting — I want to make a change, help disadvantaged people. And I hope I do this whatever profession I am in….

JC:  What do you love most about London?

FT: It’s multicultural. And has been for centuries. London is tolerant to all wired and wonderful things in life. It’s my home. I love walking in London; you can walk anywhere and never need to get in a car!

JC: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

FT: India-India is a country of new ideas, brilliant colours, rich heritage and cultural richness not see anywhere in the world. The beautiful festival of light, Diwali, and the festival of colours – Holi stays in your memory forever.

JC: Please tell us about your role in Bhopal.

JC: Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain is about is about the worst Industrial disaster in history. I play the role of Rekha a 17 year old wife who loves her husband very much but her world falls apart when her husband is killed in the union carbide. , I play the pivotal role who carried the emotional weight of her dead husband. It was a very poignant journey for me as I was aware of 10,000 people who died in the disaster.

JC: and Blood and Curry…

FT: I play the central role of Deepa — a traditional Indian bride who comes to America suffers emotional and physical abuse at the hand of her husband. She feels trapped because she cannot go back to India because she would be a failure to her family and untouchable to society. In India culture you don’t just get married for 1 lifetime but for 4 life times. I found the role to be challenging and emotionally draining, but my acting background helped me get into the character. I spoke to women that have been abuse by their husband and did a lot of research. As an actress I enjoyed the challenge, and I’m a better person now as a result.

JC: What attracted you to the roles?

FT: These roles both have meaning behind it and portray a message. Bhopal-Our children need to know what happened all those years ago in Bhopal so they can, hopefully prevent another Bhopal from happening. The film Bhopal is based on the biggest industrial disaster in the world and the story has never been told! I was impressed by the script which is very moving and fast paced. Blood and Curry- I feel like a role like this can help Woman wake up and see what is happening in their environment. And hopefully give strength to Women suffering from abuse to escapes from a violent relationship before its too late.

JC: If you could play any character, what would it be?

FT: I’d love to play Joan of Arc. She achieved so many things before she was 20 that others don’t achieve in a lifetime. A courageous woman in a man’s world! I have already played Juliet on the London stage, but it would fun to play her on film.

JC: Do you have a favorite designer?

FT: Herve Leger , Roberto Cavalli, Donatella Versace

JC: We personally can not wait to see Fagun’s new work, watch this space as this actress is bound for the headlines!

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