Irish Beauty Emma Pyne Takes Hollywood

A native of Ireland, Emma Pyne made her screen debut in 1997 in Brit cult flick Preaching To The Perverted. She later appeared in BBC fantasy drama series Neverwhere, Channel 4’s Hollyoaks and Ali G’s movie Inda House.

Emma trained in London at The Actor’s Temple and recently completed a year at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles, whose alumni includes Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and in more recent years Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, Adam Sandler and Alec Baldwin. There she caught the eye of Lee Strasberg’s nephew, Sasha Krane, head of Film and TV at the institute, ‘Emma has the ability to create characters better than any other actor I have seen in recent years. She has a skilled ear for accents and her unique interpretation of complex characters has impressed me tremendously’.

Emma’s talents were recently showcased in two notable Hollywood theatre productions, Grease, (where she played Sandy), and Bury The Dead, which made Hollywood agent Adam Park sit up and take notice. ‘Emma has reached a skill level so many actors strive for but do not reach. She is able to fully commit and lose herself in a character and deliver a genuine and natural performance that draws in and captivates the audience. [Being Irish] She is not a ‘cookie cutter mould’ actress, so prevalent in Hollywood, but rather a unique actress without easy comparison.’

‘The first Hollywood audition I had was for the movie of one of my favourite books, Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, but I lost out to Kirsten Dunst. I really didn’t mind. It’s nice to know I’m in that league. I can do an American accent but I prefer my Irish one. I’m out to bust the stereotype. The modern Irish actress is way more than a nanny, a nun or a tea lady. We are hot, dynamic women and deserve to be represented in American film and TV in the way the British actress is. ’

It looks like Emma has a bright future in Hollywood. Up and coming LA indie director Francisco Roel wants her for the lead in ‘Men’, a movie about men, from the woman’s point of view, and she has just been cast in a sitcom webseries called Spin The Bottle, with Jeff Castle of Days Of Our Lives, due to begin filming later this year. She plays a man-eating Irish woman who loves a glass of wine. ‘It’s a good job I’m a trained actress’, she winks, ‘otherwise I’d never have been able to pull that off!’


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  1. Maeva K says:

    I love this actress! I first noticed her in Preaching To The Perverted and then saw her in a couple of TV shows in the UK. Emma Pyne is definitely the next big thing!

  2. Bernadine says:

    I saw Emma when she was in Preaching. She put in a really compelling performance so I’m not surprised she’s made the move to LA. I can’t wait to see her in her next project, she’s great!

  3. A great piece for a brilliant and boundless talent. Emma Pyne is unique and brings a huge presence to any role. I saw her in Preaching to the Perverted and she was amazing…now i’d love to her at the other end of the scale as goody shoes Sandy from Grease. I think this girl will take the USA by storm!

  4. Karen Brennan says:

    Emma Pyne is a unique talent. I watched her in Inda House and Preaching to the Perverted, as well as doing stand up comedy in London. She is one of a kind, bold, daring, beautiful, smart and Hollywood has no comparable Irish actor to date. I’m sure she is the next BIG thing!!! I will be watching her career progress with great interest!

  5. Patsy says:

    I first saw Emma Pyne in the feature length film, Preaching to the Perverted. She completely stole the scene with her electrifying chemistry and smouldering eyes. I’ve been avidly following her career ever since and think we’re overdue for a sparky and feisty female role model who is sexy on her own terms. I for one can’t wait for her to take Hollywood by storm.

  6. Kirsten Peters says:

    I’ve caught Emma on a couple of things and she is definitely one to watch – very talented – I’m sure she’s destined for great things.

  7. Donna King says:

    I’ve seen Emma Pyne’s work on television in “Bury the Dead” and have concluded that she’s a complete natural.

    Her sparkle and sense of fun makes you know that after they made Emma they broke the mold.

    I can’t imagine anyone else playing these fun and feisty Irish/American roles anything like her.

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  9. What character was she in Hollyoaks?

  10. emma says:

    emma pyne is my cousin she is from ireland i’m really happy my cousin is fameous if you don’t belive me ask emma herself if she has a cousin called emma!

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