The Talent Behind the Scenes of Jordan Bayne’s Award Winning Film ‘The Sea Is All I Know’

Behind every good film is a great team and that is true of this beautiful film. ‘The Sea Is All I Know’ is a critically acclaimed first solo effort from writer/director Jordan Bayne.  The film stars Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and journeyman actor Peter Gerety (The Wire).  Since its preview at last year’s Cannes International Film Festival and its World Premiere at Palm Springs International ShortFest, where it was voted by audiences as one of the “Best of The Fest”, the film along with its creator Jordan Bayne has continued to garner the highest of acclaim and accolades.

An extraordinary story of love in the face of death. THE SEA IS ALL I KNOW is an honest portrait of a family coming to terms with their relationship to death. When estranged couple, Sara [Melissa Leo] and Sonny [Peter Gerety], come to the aid of their dying daughter, the experience sends them spiraling into spiritual crisis and brutal heartbreak. In the end, an act of selfless love, renews their lives, transcends their loss of faith, even death itself.

In working with Bayne, Melissa Leo describes her as “One of the finest directors I have ever worked with”.  Filmoria writes “The film is an incredibly moving and immersive experience; filled with meaning and worthy of the highest praise”.  Backstage notes “The film packs an emotional punch as is, reminding you that even in the darkest places, family, hope, and love can be found”. LA Daily News praised Bayne’s “Great eye for classical frame composition”.  The Huffington Post hailed it as “Oscar Worthy”.  Brave New Hollywood says “The Sea Is All I Know is powerful, haunting, and memorable. It is beautifully human, and a rare gem because of it, and it will stay with you long after the film ends”.

Given the rave reviews, critic’s acceptance and A-Lister’s support it is easy to see why Jordan Bayne is one of the most promising up-and-coming directors working today.  And as she currently writes her feature film debut, we can’t wait to see what story she’ll have to tell us next.

Byron Habinsky truly encompasses the meaning of an artist.  And although his latest role is that of an Executive Producer on Jordan Bayne’s ‘The Sea Is All I Know’ he has always claimed to be an actor first.  Habinsky’s journey took him from the stages of New York City to the silver screen and most recently to producing.  A versatile actor, Byron’s most notable works have come in dramas that dealt with real human experiences.  His undeniable attraction to real and complex characters along with his entrepreneurial mind is what brought him into producing.  “There were so many stories that I wanted to tell, and I have never been the one to sit around and wait for others to do things…” Habinsky stated in a recent interview.

Habinsky founded Delirium Picturehouse in November of 2010 for that same reason – to develop, produce and ultimately tell the stories he believed to be entertaining and meaningful.  His partnership with Jordan Bayne started with ‘The Sea Is All I Know’, a film Bayne wrote, directed and produced that stars Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo.  The writing, directing and Leo’s performance was so good and heartbreakingly real.

He is currently working with Bayne on developing her feature film debut as well as two more feature films and a television series.  “It’s a partnership based on trust and mutual respect of each other’s talents.  Jordan is an amazing filmmaker, a smart writer, a talented director, actors love working with her.  She makes it easy to put all those pieces together” Habinsky stated.  With Hollywood always keeping its eyes and doors open for fresh new talent, watch for the versatile Byron Habinsky to solidify his place within this “members only” community.

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    Congrats Tammy!! That is awesome for you!!
    Patrice Sommer Staley, Knoxville TN

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