Britain’s Top Chef Silvena Rowe to hit American screens in Time Machine Chefs

Britain’s leading female award winning TV chef Silvena Rowe is about to star as a celebrity judge in ABC’s newest reality cooking show Time Machine Chefs.  She mesmerizes audiences with her bright azure eyes, shocks them with her Simon Cowellesque comments and charms with her exuberant and passionate personality. Time Machine Chefs is a fanciful show, that take you back in time and is a cross between Top Chef and Dr. Who.  In the UK ‘s BBC prime-time show Keep Cooking Carry On, you will find Silvena travelling the country and cooking with the locals.

The New York Times calls Silvena “rock ’n’ roll” and The Independent say a “showbiz setting is a good fit for Silvena Rowe, who (has a) big personality”.  She is commended for her outstanding culinary skills by Britain’s Daily Mail, who state Silvena is an exceptionally fine cook, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of her art.   She’s tall and striking, a shock of short, platinum hair sitting atop a wide, feline face”.  While The Wall Street Journal share Silvena has a “flare that comes from Ms. Rowe’s individual approach”.

Not only has she won multiple awards for her outstanding cookery books, including best-seller Purple Citrus and Sweet Perfume, she is also widely praised for her cuisine at London’s popular Quince restaurant in the Mayfair Hotel which is the playground for the rich and famous.  Silvena is a leading moderator for the Culinary Institute of America on Mediterranean food. 

This talented chef is no stranger to TV, having graced the screen in numerous British TV shows including: BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, ITV’s This Morning, UKTV Food’s Good Food Live and My Kitchen.

Silvena also brings sexy back into cooking and recently posed with nothing but a real Octopus to cover her modesty for GQ magazine.  She is already being called the Simon Cowell of cooking and one thing is for sure, once you experience the delights of Silvena Rowe, you will never forget her!  Time Machine Chefs premieres on ABC on August 16th and Keep Cooking and Carry On will be shown in the UK on the BBC later this year.

We can not wait!


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