We love Australian TV Star Natasha Leigh as Dr. Birdwood in Holby City


TV Beauty Natasha Leigh is known for her work on Australian hits like Neighbours and Underbelly.  Last night she burst on to our TV screens as Dr Lilah Birdwood in the ever popular hospital drama Holby City.   As soon as she arrives to the hospital as the eager and headstrong Dr. Birdwood she causes havoc in Holby.  Initially she manages to offend almost everyone and get’s into trouble as soon as she sets foot in the ward.  This likeable and ambitious Dr stays on our screens until the New Year.  We will be watching Natasha Leigh on Holby every Tuesday on BBC1 to see what Dr Birdwood get’s up to next and recommend you do the same.  Natasha makes for some great TV!

We are excited to be interviewing this stunning actress, so watch this space!

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