Maciej Kawalski’s double Oscar-qualifying comedy ‘Atlas’ tackles mental health and identity

Maciej Kawalski’s Atlas takes a look at mental health, identity, and perception. This wonderful comedy took home the top prizes at Bermuda International Film Festival and Huesca International Film Festival. The film stars Tomasz Kot (triple Oscar-nominated Cold War) and was written/directed by Kawalski.

A remote psychiatric hospital receives a fascinating patient — he doesn’t move nor speak but spends his days standing with his hands up. The only thing known is his nickname — “Atlas”. In a word, he is a riddle and a riveting one at that.

Maciej Kawalski is an award-winning writer-director and a Doctor of Medicine. His short film Atlas, starring Tomasz Kot has qualified to be considered for the 92nd Academy Awards after winning two qualifying awards.

Kawalski’s latest production is the prime-time TV series for Canal+ Mały Zgon, which Maciej co-wrote and directed together with the show’s producer, Juliusz Machulski.

His previous script, The Clearing, reached the Sundance Screenwriting Lab Semi-finals and was subsequently acquired by Stanislaw Dziedzic (Producer of Mr Jones by Academy Award-nominated Agnieszka Holand) for development with Brian Frankish (Producer of Field of Dreams).

Currently, with the backing of Polish Film Institute, Maciej is developing his debut feature Gentlemen of Zakopane, starring Tomasz Kot as the lead.

Atlas has won an array of accolades including the Audience Award at the Opole Film Festival, the Best Short Multimedia Polska Award at the Gdynia Film Festival in Poland, the Silver Hobby-Horse Award at the Krakow Film Festival, the Best Music Award at the Lubuskie Film Summer Festival, the First International Danzante Award at the Huesca International Film Festival and the Grand Prix at Bermuda International Film Festival.

The stunning cinematography was created by Pawel Dyllus, the music by Lukasz Targosz and was produced by Stanislaw Dziedzic and Munk Studio.

Atlas can soon be seen at DC Shorts and Miami Short Film Festival.

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ATLAS by Maciej Kawalski – TRAILER from Atlas the Short Film on Vimeo.

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