A Storybook Ending: When real-life takes over from fiction

It wasn’t only the news of COVID-19 that ruled our news bulletins during the last few months. It was also the Black Lives Matters movement. Whether or not it was the inspiration for A Storybook Ending by writer/director Lanre Olabisi, his latest short film couldn’t be more relevant.

One house. Two couples of which one doesn’t belong there. Wale (Rotimi Paul) and Claudia (Carra Patterson) are a loving couple living in the house in which they’ve tied up two criminals, Gonzo (Sawandi Wilson) and Virginia (Toni Ann DeNoble), who broke into the property. If you catch intruders in your home, calling the cops would be the best solution. Sadly, that’s not the case in this movie as earlier that evening Wale had accidentally killed a white policeman in self-defence. However, it doesn’t look like that at all in the video that was recorded by the two criminals. Now they’re trying to blackmail the couple by demanding a large amount of money. It doesn’t take long before things get out of control.

Despite the cancellations and postponements of film festivals, A Storybook Ending has been able to make its way to audiences. It is screening as part of the HBO Short Film Competition at the American Black Film Festival and is screening at the Black Star Film Festival.

This film makes you think and the acting by the cast is absolutely brilliant. It is extremely captivating, passionate, and aggressive which brings out the threatening and violent character traits of the criminals.

There’s also the fascinating vibe that’s being created by the cinematography and music. The dark red colour is very present in this short film which represents blood and danger. This provides A Storybook Ending with a sinister element.

There’s real-life and fiction. There’s danger, murder, and violence. There are stunning performances, sinister cinematography, and mystical music.  A Storybook Ending is a movie you should see.


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